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05/13/2009: "Autograph Sessions in Moscow"

Source: Tatu.ru

To celebrate Eurovision t.A.T.u. will have autograph sessions on the below dates:

13 May (today)
Place: “Karusel” / Metropolis Mall, Moscow Time: 7-8 PM

16 May
Place: «Perekrestok» Supermarket, Moscow Time: 7-8 PM

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on Thursday, May 14th, Genesis said

lena looks so cute with her ponytails :)

on Thursday, May 14th, tatu 101 said

hahaha Yulia is lik Lena im gonna hav them i lik LOL she really is having a good look haha love them
tatu 4ever!!!

on Thursday, May 14th, LINA said


on Thursday, May 14th, jenn said

I WIN! ( Y )

on Thursday, May 14th, Brandon said

Dammit! I'm supposed to make the boob comments around here! lol

on Wednesday, May 13th, Sam said

Damnn i wish i lived in moscow ;p

on Wednesday, May 13th, Lily said

GRR I wish I could go *sigh*


"I wish Parviz had those"

Yulia wants some of that haha

Lena looks super cute and adorable<3

on Wednesday, May 13th, Sofia said

Cute! Lena looks almost goth in that picture xD

Yulia's extensions xD

on Wednesday, May 13th, Kayla said

lol look at yulia starring at lenas boobs! XD I like Lena's hair. its really cute^^

on Wednesday, May 13th, jenn said

Yulia likes boobies.