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05/13/2009: "t.A.T.u. in OK! magazine"

Source: OK-magazine.ru

t.A.T.u. are in the newest issue of OK! magazine (Russian edition). Click to enlarge the photos.

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on Friday, May 15th, Sarah said

I don't like the make-up on Yulia, the eyeshadow is a bit messy. Her head looks a bit swollen too. I love Lena's make-up though :D She looks stunning!

on Friday, May 15th, Brandon said

My only issue is that it looks like Yulia is giving birth to a helmet in that one picture. >_>

I have to say, it does resemble Parviz. It even has the same blank expression! Just because it's an inanimate object doesn't mean that it isn't just as lively as it's Dad!

on Thursday, May 14th, Angelica said

YULIA! she looks so effin hawt here <3 (:

on Thursday, May 14th, Danielle said

they both look amazing!
i agree, there should be a photoshoot with them on bikes and such :D

on Thursday, May 14th, Genesis said

see, they look WAY hotter in those outfits than the computer generated programs on snegopady did :p

on Thursday, May 14th, Mia said

They both look STUNNING! Love this photoshoot. The makeup is awesome.

on Thursday, May 14th, Sofia said

This looks great! Love their hair! Like a sort of grungy beauty? I don't know.

Yulia's lips look good in these pictures, I think. Her eye makeup looks a bit on the pornstar-ish side but... still cool!

on Thursday, May 14th, Amanda said

This has been by far my favorite photoshoot in the last 2 years. But I think that Lena’s hair would have looked nicer if it was down, curly and messy. In fact, this photoshoot has a lot more potential in general. I would have liked shots of the girls on the motorbikes, taking their helmets off, etc.

on Thursday, May 14th, Kayla said

Wow, they look really gorgeous!! <3

on Thursday, May 14th, tatu 101 said

yay new photo shoot..wow they both look really good very hot!!! LOVE it
tatu 4ever!!!

on Thursday, May 14th, Motrek said

Yulia and Lena very beautiful, really good picture =)

Yulia <3

on Thursday, May 14th, coco said

Wow...Lena´s make-up and hairstyle :D Wresh, love it.

on Thursday, May 14th, jenn said

FINALLY! A new photoshoot. They look so hotttttttttttt.

on Thursday, May 14th, Me said

Like their clothes, but hair & makeup is really bad. They both look really old.

on Thursday, May 14th, Brandon said


on Thursday, May 14th, I WOULD said

I'd hit it. Lena looks like a dork though.

on Wednesday, May 13th, Luv said

They both look stunnin !
cheers for the photos =]