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05/14/2009: "Gallery Update: Eurodom (05.13.09)"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum, e-motion.com.au, photoxpress.ru

Yulia Volkova attended a party at Eurodom on May 13th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

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on Saturday, May 16th, Sofia said

File 6 really frightens me, but the other ones are not so bad.

on Saturday, May 16th, Brandon said

Damn you Jenn!

Well, I guess it's a good thing I keep candy bars in my pants.

on Friday, May 15th, liz said

*steals the popcorn from jenn* now it's mine, althought i'm going to add a little more movie style butter on it!

and jenn, i think the whole world is in a recession. thank god for CNBC, and geography class.

on Friday, May 15th, jenn said

*steals popcorn*


Oh and Liz, you're right, Russia is a poor country. It's just that when you said "the recession", I thought of the USA in particular.

on Friday, May 15th, Diamond said

*sits by brandon with popcorn* I'm interested!

on Friday, May 15th, Brandon said

*gets popcorn*

Ooh! This is getting good! Wait, it isn't over already, is it?

on Thursday, May 14th, Chris said

Yeah, you sure know how to spread the love -all- except for tatu. And I love that you actually grew balls and put your actual and valid 'email address'. - Yeah right.

on Thursday, May 14th, Me said

I love you, too! And I do post on the official tatu.ru forum and tatysite.net, jsyk. Spread the love. ;)

on Thursday, May 14th, Chris said

I've been reading comments on these entries for awhile now and I just looove this person , "ME". They make negative comments about both girls, they clearly hate Yulia, yet they continue to come on this fansite and give comments that aren't even criticism and are ridiculous. And they don't even have the 'nerve' to leave their email address. Try going on the tatu forums, and see how far you get on there. ;D

on Thursday, May 14th, Katie said

No one else notice the weird eye thing going on with Yulia?

on Thursday, May 14th, liz said

well jenn, russia has been a poor country ever since the fall of the soviet union!

on Thursday, May 14th, jenn said

Liz, this is Russia we're talking about. :p

on Thursday, May 14th, liz said

i think due to the economic recession we're all having, i don't think he can't afford it.

on Thursday, May 14th, Me said

Yulia needs to buy a strapless bra. I'm sure Parvy can afford it.

on Thursday, May 14th, liz said

you know, parviz looks like timberland just a little....wait, i can't do that. timberland has 10x more talent, and better looking than parviz. what was i smoking? lol!

on Thursday, May 14th, masha said

Not even 30 and she already has the desperate Cher face. Well, the camo guy in the 6th picture looks pretty hot.

on Thursday, May 14th, Katie said

Yulia's eyes look weird in some of these pictures,like shes spacing out or something

on Thursday, May 14th, Kayla said

Yulia looks really beautiful. <3 She always looks gorgeous. <3333
Is it me or does parvis never smile? i just realized that ive seen that same expression on his face in every single picture i have ever seen of him!

on Thursday, May 14th, jenn said

Cute dress.