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05/14/2009: "Gallery Update: Eurovision signing (05.13.09)"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Thanks to Anka_PylemeT4ica (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Friday, May 15th, Courtney said

Is it just me or did Yulia get her lips plumped again with that Restalyne (sp?) shit? Oh boy....

on Thursday, May 14th, tatu 101 said

Aww the both look soo good and really happy soo wish i could of been there anyone who got 2go you are so damm lucky!!!!
love them tatu 4ever!!!

on Thursday, May 14th, Sofia said

OMG Lena's hair looks amazing.

Wish I could have been there!

on Thursday, May 14th, Elise said

They're both sooo beautiful! So wish I coulda gone, they look so happy.

on Thursday, May 14th, Kayla said

The both looks absolutly gorgeous! Dammnit! i wish i could have been there!!!! <3