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05/14/2009: "Gallery Update: Eurodom (05.13.09) [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded exclusive HQs of Yulia Volkova from May 13th, 2009.

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on Sunday, May 17th, Courtney said

About Sofia's comment:

From what we see from Yulia and how she acts around everybody is she really capable of caring about or truly loving anybody but her own self? Even her own kids? I mean she doesn't even live with them or take care of them (besides with money). And the way she looks at herself really isn't that caring or loving about her own body... I mean look what she turned herself into. To me it seems Yulia isn't comfortable in her own skin or loves herself. I feel bad for Yulia now.

on Saturday, May 16th, Sofia said

Even though they are together and they say they love each other, I don't see a whole lot of emotion, here.

Just sort of... expressionless.

on Saturday, May 16th, Kayla said

courtney, I totally agree with you. lol yulia kinda does look like a wax figure om madame touso's museum(but we still love her though♥) and dont worry, I vomit everytime I see Parviz too :)

on Friday, May 15th, Courtney said

Yulia looks like a dark-haired Barbie doll in these photos. Almost like a wax figure in Madame Touso's (sp?) museum... Especially the first photo. And Parviz?.... Excuse me while I vomit. ;-)

I wish she would go back to the more semi-natural look...