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05/17/2009: "Gallery Update: Eurovision signing (05.16.09)"

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Thanks to Anka_PylemeT4ica and Fanta (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Monday, May 18th, Kayla said

lol yulia does look pissed/bored. and i agree, yulia is starting to look like her old self again. lets hope it will stay that way♥

on Monday, May 18th, jenn said

Come to think of it, I really don't give a crap about Yulia's new looks. She's just being Yulia. (lol Miley Cyrus) Yeah, she may look a bit plastic, but I could really care less.

on Monday, May 18th, Brandon said

It's time for a reference that no one but me will get!

Albert Wesker: CHRIIIIIISSS!!!

on Sunday, May 17th, Me said

When did I say I hate Yulia? Girl does sum stupid things; I just comment. ;) I don't hate anyone, but I was at this signing. I just said what happened. I could have gone on and on about how bitchy and rude Yulia was, but I didn't. I just said she could have had a bad day and that Lena was great, like she always is. Lena has never been a rude, fake, bitchy, diva. :) So there. xD

on Sunday, May 17th, liz said

chris, shut up.

on Sunday, May 17th, Chris said

Once again "Me" you have nothing good to say. But once again what you say is about Yulia. You pretty much proclaim to hate her, yet you constantly come on here to talk about her. You're either trying to get attention, or you actually DO like Yulia. I mean no one constantly talks about the same person that they hate. Strange much?

on Sunday, May 17th, Katie said

I think the majority of people definitely prefer the way Yulia used to look before she completely changed herself. I still hope she'll start to look like her old self again, but more importantly have the personality she used to have.

on Sunday, May 17th, Me said

Yulia wasn't very happy at this signing and it shows in these pics. She barely spoke to anyone and looked bored/pissed off for the most part. Maybe she was having a bad day. :( Lena was great, tho.

on Sunday, May 17th, Courtney said

The thing is, since about 2005 Yulia has looked like this (mostly): The really dark fake tan, the thick eyebrows penciled in, the slick almost dirty looking hair.... I think she "reinvented" herself after becoming a mom. Maybe becoming a mom made her look at herself differently... I just don't like it, and from what Lena herself said, she doesn't like it very much either.... But its Yulia.

on Sunday, May 17th, Katie said

Yulia does look better though,I think slowly but surely she'll start to look like her old self again. She just made some(ok,more than some) mistakes with her looks.

on Sunday, May 17th, Courtney said

Yulia looks better? I'm sorry, but she still looks as fake as ever to me. I always wonder if she really loves herself since she changes herself so much to look so plastic and different. The Yulia we knew back when t.A.T.u. started was herself, only thing she really changed was her hair color... and that was because Ivan told her to. The Yulia we know now is almost nothing like she was in the beginning. The Yulia now is as fake as a Barbie Doll.

Lena looks so great still, Lena is still herself - no lip implants, no fake dark tan, no different hair color and no "no eyebrows" Yulia is not herself anymore... Hasn't been for a few years no, but its getting worse it seems.

on Sunday, May 17th, Katie said

In the 9th picture Yulia kinda looks like her old self again,like the look shes giving does.

on Sunday, May 17th, Motrek said

Verry Nice Pictures , and yes yulka looks better <3

on Sunday, May 17th, Jo said

This pictures are now part of the reason why I'm a Lena fangirl. I've always been partial to Lenka. *hug*

And Yulia looks Yulia-ish again! Ahh, yay!


on Sunday, May 17th, Sofia said

Ahh, cute! Lena is so cute here! And.. Yulia looks better :3