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05/18/2009: "“Snegopady” is number 1 on MTV Russia!"

Source: MTV.ru

t.A.T.u.’s new music video “Snegopady” is number 1 on MTV Russia’s top 10 music videos! t.A.T.u. have succeeded popular Russian artists Maksim and Timati. Our congratulations! Click here to view the top 10 list.

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on Wednesday, May 20th, Katie said

Woah,ha I didn't really notice that.maybe it is a bad hint 0_o

on Wednesday, May 20th, Sofia said

Katie- Yeah, that is ironic xD

The video barely has the girls IN it- and yet it's number one! This sounds like a bad hint.

on Tuesday, May 19th, Mia said

Awesome! I'm so happy!

on Tuesday, May 19th, Kayla said

YAYYYY!!!! Go t.A.T.u!!! Im so happy that they are doing well =]]]

on Tuesday, May 19th, Erick said

Oh God!, This is a great news! ..VIVA t.A.T.u. =)

on Tuesday, May 19th, Brandon said

no u

on Tuesday, May 19th, oh, god. said

russia is retarded.

on Monday, May 18th, Katie said

This is great but kind of ironic; they're starting their break from t.A.T.u and now their getting more interviews,apperances,magazine covers and now a #1 video

on Monday, May 18th, Jo said

Oh my God! How long has it been since we've had something like this happen? I'm so happy for them!

I wish they'd release an English version of the song. I really want to hear it.


on Monday, May 18th, Sofia said

That's cool! It'd be rad if they released the English version now xD

on Monday, May 18th, Tatulover said

Wow its great news tatu alwys number one

on Monday, May 18th, Amanda said

This is unexpected, yet excellent news! I hope “Snegopady” is doing well on the radio charts, too.