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05/22/2009: "Boris Renski’s report about Lena in L.A."

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Let me start it from the very beginning, recalling some things you do know, be charitable. So, Lena and Olga Matveeva, who’s position is now a travel-manager and a personal assistant for Lena, arrived by plane to San Francisco late in the evening of April 19.
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on Saturday, May 23rd, Katie said

Great to hear about Lena's solo project but I think everyones being a little harsh towards Yulia

on Saturday, May 23rd, Amanda said

I am glad that we are being kept up-to-date with Lena’s solo project. Everything sounds promising!

on Saturday, May 23rd, Brandon said

Princess Lena's beauty is only surpassed by her perfect attitude. <3

on Friday, May 22nd, jenn said

I freaking love Lena. She's such a sweetie. <3

on Friday, May 22nd, Sam said

me too !

on Friday, May 22nd, Patrick said

Thats right Courtney
i think so too

on Friday, May 22nd, Courtney said

YAY! That picture cute! She looks great! Same old Lena :-D That's a nice change from ever-changing plastic Yulia...

Can't wait to hear her new solo stuff. I have a good feeling Lena will make it MUCH farther then Yulia. Lena's voice is prettier and melodic. Plus Lena's attitude, personality and appearance are just much more relateable than Yulia's.