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05/22/2009: "Updates about Lena’s solo project"

Source: Twitter.com

t.A.T.u.’s guitarist Troy Maccubbin has posted new messages on his official Twitter account from May 17th to May 21st, 2009. Lena Katina will be back in Los Angeles in 2 months to continue working on her solo project. Click here to read all of his messages.

May 17th: In studio working on Lena tracks! Sounding big!!! No Lena, just us guys.
May 18th: Lena will be back maybe in 2 months. We will continue to write & record.
May 21st: You are all going to flip out on this new Lena project!

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on Monday, May 25th, Brandon said

It's still mostly talk from what I can tell.

on Sunday, May 24th, coco said

Is there anything happening on the Volkova front? Or is her solo career still on the level of talk?

on Saturday, May 23rd, Amanda said

Brandon, I hope so, too. But I am sure that it is a normal part of the laser eye surgery.

on Saturday, May 23rd, Brandon said

I sure hope that red spot on her eye clears up. Of course, I guess it could be gone by now.

on Friday, May 22nd, liz said

troy & lena make a cute couple.

on Friday, May 22nd, Sofia said

Ahhh, exciting! I'm so happy that they are at work and creating again :3

on Friday, May 22nd, Amanda said

You can find the pictures of Lena and the band posted by Zhenya here: