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05/28/2009: "AllMyLove.Org giveaway (closed)"

Source: allmylove.org

To celebrate t.A.T.u.’s 10 year anniversary, we are doing an online giveaway for a Eurovision card signed by Yulia and Lena on May 16th, 2009. All submissions will be accepted through May 29th, 2009 to May 31st, 2009. The winner will be selected at random on May 31st, 2009, following an e-mail sent by me. Click here to submit your name and e-mail address. Good luck, everyone!

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on Saturday, May 30th, Shanice said

Awesome, thanks so much Amanda! I hope I wrote my email right, getting it worng would be the kind of typical thing I do XD. Good luck everyone!

on Saturday, May 30th, Sofia said

That's so cool! Thanks, Amanda!

on Saturday, May 30th, Amanda said

Brandon, I don’t mind at all! Full names, nicknames, and usernames are all accepted.

on Saturday, May 30th, Brandon said

Aww, I don't think I put my full name. I hope you don't mind my lack of proper form filling, Amanda. :)
I also hope I typed my e-mail address properly. I was really "spacey" yesterday. That, and it's easy to botch my e-mail. >_>

on Friday, May 29th, Thaís said

Wow, Amanda! Good idea :)

Thank you so much ^^

on Friday, May 29th, jenn said

OHHHHHZ I'm so excited! Who is gonna win? OOOOOOOOOO!

on Friday, May 29th, Kayla said

oh my gosh. to be able to touch something t.a.t.u. touched.....i would so DIE/and/or passout the moment I felt it in my hands. I wouldnt be able to make correct sentences for DAYS!! i hope i win!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

on Friday, May 29th, Kevin Krayewski said

thanks Amanda! I really hope I win it!

on Friday, May 29th, Kevin Krayewski said

thanks Amanda! I really hope I win it!

on Friday, May 29th, Andreea said

Thanks Amanda!

on Friday, May 29th, beyza said

Thanks! I hope I will winn it.

on Friday, May 29th, Ksu said

Amanda, which of my e-mails counted?

on Friday, May 29th, Brandon said

I hate my e-mail address. lol

on Friday, May 29th, Amanda said

Ksu, please, only one submission per IP address. Multiple submissions will not be counted.

on Friday, May 29th, Ksu said

Wow, thank you! I was waiting for this ;)

on Thursday, May 28th, the sauciest said

lol. the sauciest. i want lime pepsi now.

on Thursday, May 28th, jenn said

'HO SHIT! Amanda, you are the sauciest! Thanks for such a fabulous offer!

on Thursday, May 28th, Mike said

Wow! What an amazing giveaway idea :D

Good luck to all who are entering :)