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05/30/2009: "Gallery Update: OK! Magazine [HQ]"

Source: Vkontakte.ru

Vkontakte.ru has uploaded the OK! magazine photoshoot in high quality. Click here to download the original files. We have formatted the files into JPG and uploaded to our photo gallery.

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on Monday, June 1st, katya said

how do you get larger sizes of all their images on vkontakte?

on Monday, June 1st, coco said

Whoever says there´s something wrong with Lena´s hair should be smacked! both in the face and in the bum, twice.

on Monday, June 1st, Brandon said

I think Lena's hair is...interesting! I don't mind at all. >_>

on Sunday, May 31st, Jenny said

Whoever did Lena's hair like that should be smacked.

on Sunday, May 31st, coco said

Don´t like Yulia´s raccoon eyes at all! :(

on Sunday, May 31st, Kayla said

I ficking LOVE this photoshoot. its looks AWSOME in hq too! ♥

on Sunday, May 31st, Sofia said

Thank you! Looks so awesome. Hello new background!

I think Yulia's lips look really great here. Also, her hair is lovely, extensions or not. :3

Rock on, girls!