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06/02/2009: "New Bravo magazine"

Source: Superbravo.ru

t.A.T.u. are on the cover of the newest issue of Bravo magazine.

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on Wednesday, June 3rd, Chris said

i like a lot lena's hairstyle.They are awesome.One of the best photoshoot!

on Wednesday, June 3rd, coco said

best picture of Yulia in that shoot! :D

on Wednesday, June 3rd, Brandon said

Heh, it they have a nice, dark look to them there. :)

on Tuesday, June 2nd, Kevin Krayewski said

Samara is alive!!! xD

on Tuesday, June 2nd, Amanda said

To be honest, I am surprised that t.A.T.u. are on the cover. I was told about the issue in advance, but I had assumed that it would be 1 or 2 articles. But it is a pleasant surprise! This is definitely one of my favorite photoshoots. I canít wait to get a copy.

on Tuesday, June 2nd, Kayla said

lol i love the cover ♥

on Tuesday, June 2nd, colettio said

looks pretty good...yulya seems so dark and mysterious >:)