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06/03/2009: "Gallery Update: Bravo photoshoot [HQ]"

Source: Tatu.ru

Tatu.ru has uploaded the Bravo magazine photoshoot in high quality. Click here to download the original files. The files have been formatted into JPG and uploaded to our photo gallery.

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on Friday, June 5th, Motrek said

I do not include it in words away to say how much I am glad!!! beautiful pictures , yulka who said one beautiful (of course than until all of them =) Lena though so naturally nice.

on Thursday, June 4th, Sofia said

All right! New background.

on Thursday, June 4th, coco said


on Thursday, June 4th, Brandon said

I agree! She looks great with that hair!

on Wednesday, June 3rd, Ryane said

Lena needs to wear pigtails like that way more often! They're adorable!

on Wednesday, June 3rd, Sam said

ohh i love them :) gorgeous <3

on Wednesday, June 3rd, jenn said

Woah....Yulia looks AMAZING! (Ohhh but of course Lena is lookin' fine as well!)