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06/05/2009: "Video: MUZ-TV Awards arrival"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina attended the MUZ-TV Awards on June 5th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia. The girls arrived separately: Yulia with long-time boyfriend Parviz, and Lena with best friend Nastya. More information is coming soon. Thanks to Vanilla (tatu.ru/forum).


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on Wednesday, June 24th, Sam said

I wish new info would come :(

on Friday, June 12th, tatyforever said

lena looks lovely!!!! as always!!!! i love her!!!!!

on Tuesday, June 9th, Katie said

Oh ok.Thanks

on Monday, June 8th, Me said

Nothing was posted about tatu going, so I guess they didn't wanna go as a group. They came separate because they are separate now. It's gonna happen some day, might as well get used to it.

on Monday, June 8th, Katie said

Wait,were they supposed to go to it as t.A.T.u or not as the band?

on Monday, June 8th, jenn without the y said

lol Cynthia

on Monday, June 8th, Mia said

IMO they shouldn't have arrived separately. They're known as a group. It's so strange they haven't even started solo and they're already walking away from each other.
Yulia = Hollywood whore wannabe... :S

on Monday, June 8th, Sam said

I agree with Jenny, Lena looked beautiful and its nice to see her being the leader :)

But I think Yulia looked great here too :)

on Monday, June 8th, cyntha said

eheheh yep advice don't watch that episode of tatu life yulia talk for 10 minutes NON stop about show business parviz and married women who do not work ! i'm telling you : DEAD boring!!!!

on Monday, June 8th, Jenny said

Lena looked stunning at this event. She really shined brightly with Nastya at her side. I think it's great to see her, well, be the leader for once. and I just adore that purple color on her! +10

As for Yulia and Parviz...no comment.

on Sunday, June 7th, cath said

what?...... why arent they together? so sad........... wow........ hate parviz

on Sunday, June 7th, jenn said

Liz and Coco are on a roll today!

on Sunday, June 7th, Diamond said

Awww coco burn! awesome! pimp cane lol that was funny!

on Sunday, June 7th, coco said

I like what Parviz and Yul are wearing, except Parviz forgot his pimp cane.

on Sunday, June 7th, Brandon said

When Lena's happy, I'm happy. :)

Also, nice Rock reference, Liz. IF YOU SMELLLLLLL WHAT LIZ IS COOKIN'! lol

on Saturday, June 6th, Courtney said

Thanks Amanda! :) So is there any differences between officially married and a common-law marriage? Sorry, not very informed about this.

on Saturday, June 6th, Amanda said

Courtney, Yulia and Parviz are in a common-law marriage. Yulia speaks about her relationship with Parviz in the 4th episode of the online reality-show “t.A.T.u. life”.

on Saturday, June 6th, Courtney said

PS - Is Parviz on his way to a "Matrix" funeral after these awards? With his black outfit and Matrix-esque sunglasses he sure looks like it. Just looking at him makes me depressed.

on Saturday, June 6th, Courtney said

"Yulia with long-time boyfriend Parviz"

??? So they aren't officially married? Is just a civil marriage or like domestic partnership? Figures Yulia wouldn't fully commit to him... She is impulsive and would leave at the drop of a hat if something better came along. She never looks happy with that ugly guy anyways. He's like her slave who worships her, not a real boyfriend or "husband".

Lena looks so cute! It is so sweet that she took her best friend with her. Usually best friends make better dates than boyfriends lol.

on Saturday, June 6th, liz said

yay lena!
boo yulia!

if i ever meet parviz, i will lay the smackdown on his rooty poo candy ass!

on Saturday, June 6th, jenn said

Ha! It's fun to watch both videos at once.

on Saturday, June 6th, cynthia said

iliked that vid !!!! lena does seem really happy !!!! i love her all joyfull !!

on Saturday, June 6th, Chris said

they are awesome.I agree lena looks so happy Julia as well!!

on Saturday, June 6th, VOLKOVA said

Lena looked so cute and happy. ;)

on Friday, June 5th, Amanda said

Luke, no, she doesn’t. Nastya is her best friend, not her girlfriend.

on Friday, June 5th, Luke said

Lena have girlfriend now..

on Friday, June 5th, Sofia said

Me- Yeah! Her hair looked really nice.

I wonder if Yulia and Lena had a tiff? Or maybe they just decided something different.

on Friday, June 5th, tatu 101 said

Aww its a bit sad to see that Yulia and Lena didnt even walk up together...i guess were just gonna have to get use to not seeing them together so much =(
Oh and english subs would go down well plz !!!!
Anywho still love the girls both looked really good.... however I hate seeing wats his face hanging off Yulia ahhh its not a pretty site at all!!!! it should be Lena...
Anyways cant wait to see wat comes next
tatu 4ever !!!!

on Friday, June 5th, Me said

Lena looked really cute this time. Love that dress.

on Friday, June 5th, Sofia said

Yeah... the times, they are a-changin'.

on Friday, June 5th, Diamond said

I was glad to see LEna didn't really show up alone. She was with Nastya. And she was happy.

I like Lena happy!

on Friday, June 5th, Amanda said

I guess we’ll have to get used to the girls doing things separately.