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Today, June 10th, is allmylove.org’s owner’s birthday – Amanda Scott! She is turning 16 years old, 3 years older than when she created allmylove.org at 13 years old. Happy Birthday, Amanda from the allmylove.org staff and all of your friends!

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on Wednesday, June 17th, navid said

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

on Friday, June 12th, Second-Kind said

Happy Birthday Amanda!

on Friday, June 12th, Colettio said

happy birthday! :D we all appreciate you and the site u've created! congrats!!

on Thursday, June 11th, Thaís said

Hey Amanda, Happy Birthday! I wish all the good things to you , be happy always :)
Have a good day ^^

on Thursday, June 11th, Kevin Krayewski said


on Thursday, June 11th, Kayla said

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love you amanda! this is my favorite site!!!! ♥♥♥

on Thursday, June 11th, jenn said

Oh wow! You must feel honored, huh? Keep up the good work with your site and who knows what will happen next!

on Wednesday, June 10th, Amanda said

Thank you for the birthday wishes, everyone. And a special thanks to t.A.T.u.’s press manager Zhenya Voevodina for the e-mail. This is definitely one birthday I will remember.

on Wednesday, June 10th, JuliaLenaFan said

Happy birthday Amanda! :D May your day be filled w/great and wonderful things. ^^ Thank you for giving us allmylove.org!

on Wednesday, June 10th, Sofia said

OMG Happy Birthday!

Can't help but feel a tad disturbed at the graphic, but... ah, it's heartfelt. I think?


May many more rad years grace your memory~

on Wednesday, June 10th, Bree said

Happy Birthday!!

on Wednesday, June 10th, Chris said


on Wednesday, June 10th, jenn said

Oh snap! I thought your birthday was yesterday. Still, happy birthday Amanda! Two more years and then BAM - You'll be a free woman!

on Wednesday, June 10th, liz said

happy b-day panda bear! lol!

on Wednesday, June 10th, Sam said

Happy Birthday Amandaaa! :D
Have an awesomeee day :)

on Wednesday, June 10th, beyza said

happy birthday :)

on Wednesday, June 10th, VOLKOVA said

Happy Birthday, Amanda!
And thank you so much for creating this site.

Tatu forever! <3

on Wednesday, June 10th, Faiza said

ohhh I never knew u were 16! happy birthday!! :D wow you must be very dedicated for creating such an awesome site at only 13 years old! I thought u were like 20 years old to be doing all of this! good job and Happy Birthday! Sweet 16 <3

on Wednesday, June 10th, tatufan said

Happy Birthday!!!i wish you a sweet 16!

on Wednesday, June 10th, coco said

Happy b-day amanda! :)

Haha, yes it´s a creepy graphic, very halloweenish :D kinda like "Amanda, I still know what you did last summer..."

on Wednesday, June 10th, Patrick said

i wish you a happy birthday amanda

on Wednesday, June 10th, Lauren said

Creepy is my middle name. <3

on Wednesday, June 10th, Brandon said

Happy Birthday, Amanda! I hope you have a great one!

That graphic is creepy. lol

on Wednesday, June 10th, Mike said

Happy B-day Panda :D

on Wednesday, June 10th, Sara said

happy birthday Amanda.
I am 16 years old too . I wish Best for you With happy smiles !

on Wednesday, June 10th, Amanda said

Thank you, Lauren. But you might scare everyone away with your graphic, lol.