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06/11/2009: "Photo blog update"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

The photo blog has uploaded exclusive photos from the MUZ-TV awards on June 5th, 2009.

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on Friday, June 19th, cynthia said

is it me or does yulia look really scary ???? and Parviz is like a death sign here pffff chear up whats up with all that black ...
i like Lena's friend ! it's Nastya right ?

on Wednesday, June 17th, Brandon said

I'm under the suspicion that Parviz is the reason why Yulia went plastic in the first place.

on Tuesday, June 16th, Faiza said

I wonder... does Parviiz like yulia for her natural looks? or her plastic looks? Cuz yulia said she wants to look pretty for her man, so why doesn't he tell her to go back to her natural look? I wonder...

on Tuesday, June 16th, Gen said

they look so cute (:

on Tuesday, June 16th, Amanda said

There is a new picture of Lena from the MUZ-TV awards posted on the photoblog. It is very beautiful, perhaps one of my all-time favorites.

on Sunday, June 14th, Brandon said

From what I can tell, she seemed to change a lot after getting with Parviz... >_>

on Saturday, June 13th, jenn said

lol. I wasn't talking about Yulia's PHYSICAL changes, but yes. There seems to be a big change there, too. :p

on Saturday, June 13th, Brandon said

Yes, Jenn, that's what happens when you get older and turn plastic. >_>

on Friday, June 12th, coco said

I know this is an old song, but I miss this pair so much :(

on Friday, June 12th, jenn said

Oh Yulia....I have such a hard time recognizing her as the energetic and crazy girl she was at the beginning of t.A.T.u. (Crazy in a good way, of course!) But whatever. I guess that is what happens when you get older.

on Friday, June 12th, Brandon said

As always: Lena>all

on Friday, June 12th, Sara said

Yulia is very cute .I saw yulia and Lena together in facebook too .

on Thursday, June 11th, Ryane said

Lena is so adorable :3

I say this all the time, I know.

on Thursday, June 11th, Courtney said

They are on a "break", you guys. Why would they show up together as a group if they are trying to promote their solo careers. I predict that they won't show up together for many many events to come. Even if they are both invited. t.A.T.u. has evolved into both members doing solo careers now. t.A.T.u. as we used to know it may be over. Lena looks great and naturally beautiful, Yulia looks.... Well, plastic and lip-injected Yulia with ugly Parviz wearing his glasses inside like he's allergic to light.

on Thursday, June 11th, Sofia said

Ah, Yulia as usual. Parvis as usual.

But Lena looks nice, and her friend looks cool. Seems like they had a good time.

Yeah, I hope they go out to these things more, too. It's good they get out xD

on Thursday, June 11th, Faiza said

On yulia's facebook fanpage I saw pictures of this event and in a couple of them yulia and lena are together, without parviz or lena's friend

on Thursday, June 11th, tatu 101 said

Thanks 4 uploading the new pics i love 2 see new picks of the girls....How ever im sad that its not of them together =( oh well i hope the next thing they go to they have some together!!!
Anywho they both looked really good as always... tatu 4ever!!!

on Thursday, June 11th, ryan said

is it me or is Lena becoming more and more STUNNING. Im more of a J.V fan but Lena ryt now is were im feeling it :) she is Gawjus. and her friend is really pretty. shame im gay :P

on Thursday, June 11th, Amanda said

Yulia and Lena looked beautiful. I hope they attend more awards and presentations in the future, separately or together, it is good promotion for their careers. But itís disappointed that this is what is considered 'news' right now, lol.