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06/14/2009: "Video: Snegopady (Fly_Dream Remix)"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Click here to download Fly_Dream’s remix of t.A.T.u.’s latest single “Snegopady”.

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on Tuesday, June 16th, Angelica said


on Monday, June 15th, Sofia said

Ahhh, that sounds good. Another awesome song mixed by FlyDream! Way to go, and thanks for sharing!

on Monday, June 15th, Brandon said

The remix makes it even more sorrowful... TnT

on Sunday, June 14th, Mia said

to Kayla, what are you talking about? LOL.

on Sunday, June 14th, Mimy Scolling said

i love it ( L ).

on Sunday, June 14th, Kayla said

I kinda like it. It has a creepy quality. like it would belong in a horror film. :P

on Sunday, June 14th, Mia said

Wow! I love it. It's amazing! Just perfect!

on Sunday, June 14th, Narasen said

The beginning's nice, but then it just turns into something less - the vocals don't match the music.

on Sunday, June 14th, Sam said

its awesome :) lovee it !

on Sunday, June 14th, Amanda said

Faiza, you must right-click the link and select 'save as...'/'download as...'

on Sunday, June 14th, Ryane said

I liked it. Fly_Dream does a really good job with remixing, I've always thought. Also, I just realized this video reminds me of Mario Kart. LOL.

on Sunday, June 14th, coco said

Nah, didn´t really like it. The beginning was alright but then, it was just noise. Quite soulless remake.

on Sunday, June 14th, Faiza said

Very Nice :D
hey when i click the download button it just plays it for me using Quicktime player,,, but not download it..

on Sunday, June 14th, Torpe said

That song even made the video more sad...And I love it, kinda makes me think of NGGU, only a bit 2009ish in a good way!