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06/14/2009: "Gallery Update: Fedor Savincev [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

We have uploaded an exclusive HQ photoshoot from 2005 to our photo gallery.

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on Tuesday, June 16th, Brandon said

I'm glad to hear that they stopped smoking. :)
Smoking is horrible for your voice. Yulia has enough problems in that area as it is.

on Monday, June 15th, tatu 101 said

Im wit everyone else i love Yulia aand her short hair and omg she looks so cute in her lil beanies lol i love wearing beanies hehe Oh and ofc cant 4get our Lena she is looking lovely as always ;)
tatu 4ever!!!

on Monday, June 15th, Sofia said

Amanda- Oh, good! I'm glad to hear that :3

on Monday, June 15th, Amanda said

Sofia, Yulia and Lena have since quit smoking.

on Monday, June 15th, Jo said

Aww, back in the days when the Volk had short hair. And wore beanies. <3

And Lena's gorgeousness kills me, I'm jealous beyond reason. I just realized that she has very long, thin fingers. o.o Lena's adorable in that fourth pic. *hug*


on Monday, June 15th, Sofia said

They smoke? That can't be good for their voices Dx

on Monday, June 15th, Me said

Thanks for these. I really like 'em. Just the girls together & natural in jeans and hoodies and Yulia with her cute beanies.

on Monday, June 15th, coco said

I love Yulia´s red beanie :) so cute

on Monday, June 15th, JuliaLenaFan said

Both are Absolutely Beautiful! XD


on Monday, June 15th, coco said

aaaah naughty girls :D

on Monday, June 15th, Brandon said

I don't approve of the cigarettes... >_>

on Sunday, June 14th, Ryane said


That is all.