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06/18/2009: "Lena says, “good site”!"

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Today I received my signed “Vesyolye Ulybki” and “Lyudi Invalidy” promo posters from shop.taty.ru. Lena included a special message on the second poster: “Good site :-)”. Click here to view the poster in full-size. Thank you very much, Lena Katina, Yulia Volkova, and of course - shop.taty.ru.

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on Wednesday, July 1st, Luna said

Congratulations! Thats really cool :) I wasn't able to get anything from the shop. Though I did order t.A.T.u. Come Back from amazon.. finally!

on Tuesday, June 30th, circe said


on Thursday, June 25th, Jay said

Yay, I got my sign'ed stuff! The messenger forgot to send the card to pick up the package, but I'm totally happy to have my personal signed Remixed CD with my name on it. .. I need to take pictures...

on Monday, June 22nd, Sofia said

Wow, neat! That makes me want one xD

on Saturday, June 20th, hiya said

I love both you Amanda, and tATu. Keep up the good work! Brb, gonna go learn russian.

on Friday, June 19th, Me said

You're such a suck up, jenn. :P Wonder if the girls actually come here and read the stuff... like the (my) wonderful comments. xD

on Friday, June 19th, circe said

I'll take pics, but I'm jealous they wrote u a message. it's so hard to believe its them. I'm so happy I have it. It was funny cuz the package said "Roland" and my dad name is Ronald. and the "r" in my name looks like a "c" lol

on Friday, June 19th, Ailish said

Wow Thats Great =DD

on Friday, June 19th, Kevin Krayewski said


on Friday, June 19th, Faiza said

sorry i posted twice :S had a connection problem. and hey I think since Lena looks at our site, all those people who have problems with tatu should keep their mouths shut becuase it's annoying plus the girls probably won't be too happy. and again congrats :D

on Friday, June 19th, Faiza said

Damn... wow lol amanda You are recognized by the tatu girls :D atleast Lena i think lool i think u shuld meet them :D and tell us all about ur day with them

on Friday, June 19th, Jo said

Completely deserved. Your site is amazing. Still, you lucky duck, you! If Lena Katina personalized anything of mine, I'd probably start hyperventilating, being the LKat fan I am.
Congrats! *hug*


on Friday, June 19th, jenn said


on Friday, June 19th, lakkdevikko said

I'm Sorry Amanda I said that you had a lot of lucky. Again a lot of sorry

on Friday, June 19th, lakkdevikko said

wow, Amando you have a lot of lucky!

on Friday, June 19th, cynthia said

waw! that is one poster you're not gonna take your eyes off right !? mabrouk !!!!! (it means congratulations in arabic ) very nice message from Lena too ! she's gr8...

on Friday, June 19th, jenn said

Wowzas! That's awesome! And I hate to sound like a suck up, but of course you deserve it. That's so cool that Lena wrote that. Congrats!

on Friday, June 19th, Kayla said

Thats awsome!! Ive never seen that poster before. Its really cool!

on Friday, June 19th, Sara said

It`s very nice . Luck you !

on Friday, June 19th, Brandon said

Looks like you got another great piece of t.A.T.u. merchandise, Amanda! You're so lucky! :)

on Friday, June 19th, JuliaLenaFan said

wish I could get one these posters too! :D ur very lucky! It's very nice!

on Thursday, June 18th, Jay said

I'm still waiting for my stuff to come in the mail. But this looks great!

on Thursday, June 18th, Ryane said

The face was so confusing at first, but I see now it's half Yulia, half Lena, right? Lol. Anyway, jealous as usual of your amazing t.A.T.u. things!

on Thursday, June 18th, tatu 101 said

wow thats so cool i wish i could get one of these damm ur very lucky :)

on Thursday, June 18th, Mia said

Oh so cool!

on Thursday, June 18th, Amanda said

Circe, that’s great! You should post photos of yours here, too!

on Thursday, June 18th, circe said

I got mine today too!

on Thursday, June 18th, liz said

that is so cool! the poster look really nice!

on Thursday, June 18th, Amanda said

Of course, Yulia also wrote her name on the poster. But it was on the far left, so it wasn’t included in the close-up photos.