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06/21/2009: "AllMyLove.org giveway"

Source: allmylove.org

We are doing an online giveaway for Russian OK! and Bravo magazines from 2009. All submissions will be accepted through June 22nd, 2009 to June 25th, 2009. The winner will be selected at random on June 25th, 2009, following an e-mail sent by me. Click here to submit your name and e-mail address. Good luck, everyone!

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on Thursday, June 25th, Shanice said

That's very generous of you Amanda! If I submitted mine twice it was a total accident.
Good luck everyone! :D

on Wednesday, June 24th, jenn said

lol. 25 duplicate submissions.

Good luck everyone, and thanks Amanda! These giveaways are so thoughtful!

on Wednesday, June 24th, Fabio said

Please don't disqaulify me. :( I didn't know we had a limit. XD I submitted my email like 6 times. DX

Anyway I wish everyone great luck and AMANDA FCK'N rocks! :D

on Tuesday, June 23rd, Lily* said

I think I might have sent it twice by mistake because I pressed the back button *blush*
Good luck everyone!

on Tuesday, June 23rd, Amanda said

Robbert, of course not! Your multiple submissions were accidental, not intentional.

on Tuesday, June 23rd, Robbert said

You wpn't disqaulify me Amanda will you? I accidently did it twice. I hope you don't. Winning something would be nice right now =]

on Tuesday, June 23rd, Fabian said

Amanda your the best!!!! :D
Good luck to everybody. :)

on Tuesday, June 23rd, coco said


on Monday, June 22nd, azulan said

Just give it to me Panda! :P

on Monday, June 22nd, Kayla said

Good luck to everyone!! ♥

on Monday, June 22nd, kidtatu said

Thankz zo muzh Amanda

on Monday, June 22nd, Mahalia said

Thank you Amanda :)
Good luck to everyone, but I hope to be the winner :P

on Monday, June 22nd, Amy said

Thanks Amanda =D Good luck everyone!!

on Monday, June 22nd, liz said

i like giveaways! good luck to everyone that entered!

on Monday, June 22nd, Andreea said

So nice of you,Amanda!

on Monday, June 22nd, Patrick said

thanks amanda
itīs very nice

on Monday, June 22nd, Brandon said

All right, Amanda! :) Very nice!

on Monday, June 22nd, Sara said

Thank you Amanda ! It`s very nice .

on Monday, June 22nd, Amanda said

Please, do not submit your name and e-mail address more than once. Multiple submissions will not be counted. We have received over 25 duplicate submissions from one person, which resulted in their disqualification.

on Sunday, June 21st, Elise said

Good luck everyone! :D

on Sunday, June 21st, javierjesus said

you are very kind Amanda, these magazines are great! we will see who is the lucky winner.

on Sunday, June 21st, Jorge Espinosa said

sweet, nice =)
thanks Amanda (L)

on Sunday, June 21st, Ariel said

Thank you so much! Good luck everyone!