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06/27/2009: "Video: MTV interview (subtitled)"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

The media blog has uploaded a subtitled version of t.A.T.u.’s 10 year anniversary interview on May 31st, 2009. Click here to download the video.

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on Monday, July 6th, Robbert said

thank you. in the version i have it sounds like it and if you think about it, it makes sense. lol. and i wasnt being rude or anything when i said you should update. im just anxious to hear new stuff about them. they need to just leak the HS english album like they did with Lyudi Inv... lol. that'd be amazing

on Thursday, July 2nd, Amanda said

Robbert, we can assure you that t.A.T.u. aren’t currently doing anything. Lena has not left Moscow to record her solo album in Los Angeles, and neither has Yulia. We will update with new information and media when available. By the way, nice interpretation of t.A.T.u.’s song “Little People”.

on Thursday, July 2nd, robbert said

I wish you could update your site by now! i look everywhere and nothing has been updated. im sure they are doing something we need to know about lol

on Tuesday, June 30th, circe said

this is so sad! tatu-comeback.blogspot.com says they are fighting. hope its not true.

on Tuesday, June 30th, Robbert said

i figured something out Amanda... It's not really important, but i found it neat. in the english version, Little People, there was a part that never made sense. the part This is another game, this, tricky hide and seek is always fucking freaks. well thats what all the lyrics said. but if you replace "is always" and put in "with all these" it fits in the song and you can hear it when you listen to the B1 concert song...

on Monday, June 29th, Sofia said

I would like to think that they are really going to release the Eng album soon! They shouldn't split too soon and forget that- finish the open tasks first!

I don't really know if I care much about the movie anymore. It won't promote for t.a.t.u. so well if they're on 'low mode' or whatever.

on Monday, June 29th, Brandon said

That does seem to be the case, Coco, although I would like to think that they actually still care about t.A.T.u. somewhat.

on Sunday, June 28th, coco said

You know, sometimes feels like the only reason t.A.T.u. is on "low-mode" instead of finished is that the girls want to have something to go back to if their solo careers flop. It´s not love for the band, it´s fear of becoming jobless and being forced to "real work". Lena doesn´t have a profession, she said once that singing is the only thing she knows how to do, and same thing with Yulia plus she would probably die without fame anyway.

Seems that Yulia and Lena have truly grown into seperate directions, and that the people who have really carried the band lately are Zheniya and Boris, more than the girls.

on Sunday, June 28th, Brandon said

That was very interesting! They're such a contrast to each other.

I, the t.A.T.u. site delight, would be more than happy to fulfill Lena's wishes. :)

on Saturday, June 27th, Faiza said

HAH!!!!! that totally made my day! XD I love how the 2 of them speak truly about each other... shows true friendship <3 Always together and never ever saying anything false about anything :D hahha love how yulia talks XD So fast but she's so funny haha
Lena wants to be a mom O_O lool hope she gets her wish :D
and speaking of how they both said they are total opposites, u can sorta tell their opposite interests when they answered the same questions lool This separate interview thing is awesome

on Saturday, June 27th, Me said

I liked how Lena got to speak this time. That's one of the things to look forward to in her solo. Although, I find it hard to watch this cause of Yulia's looks. In this interview, she looks so old with her overdone lips, oily face, greasy fake hair, fake eyebrows, and damaged skin. Also, that outfit isn't making her look anymore her own age. Ugh.

on Saturday, June 27th, Kayla said

lol! yulia talks so FAST! Its hilarious. =) I don't know if it was just me, but when they were asked about their opinion about tatu, It kinda seemed like they didnt like tatu, even though that can't be true. Besides that, I loved this interview. I liked how yulia was smileing when she was talking about lena. And Lena was as gorgeous as usual! =)) ♥

on Saturday, June 27th, coco said

Lol, why do you think Catherine? Because when they are interviewed together the only one who gets to talk is Yulia :D

on Saturday, June 27th, Catherine said

that was funny it made my heart smile though i wonder why they got separate interviews?? also i loved what yulia said about their relationship

on Saturday, June 27th, coco said

God, I really don´t like Yulia these days, she seems like a self-absorbed bimbo. She doesn´t give anyone else a change to open their mouth...

And why does everyone keep asking Lena when she´s gonna have babies and get married? It´s like those annoying aunts at family reunions. If I was her I would say "Look, what I plan to do with my vagina is my own business, so shut up"

on Saturday, June 27th, Sofia! said


Yulia talks so fast o___o;;

on Saturday, June 27th, Robbert said

I love how Lena always seems like shes stoned out and calm as can be, and purposely speaks slow for english fans to read the subtitles and Yulia.... Dont even get me started. Shes like shes on cocaine and she doesnt realize shes talking so fast, the subtitles cant completely follow her words! lol. but yes, she did get to her point a lot and so did Lena. Thanks for uploading

on Saturday, June 27th, Sam said

Hahahah VOLKOVA got it perfect :p

on Saturday, June 27th, VOLKOVA said

Lena - quiet, modest, thoughtful, sweet.

Yulia - funny fast talkin' firecracker.

on Saturday, June 27th, Amanda said

I love the way Yulia spoke about her relationship with Lena!