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07/02/2009: "“Snegopady” is #1 on Channel One"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

t.A.T.u.’s new single “Snegopady” has reached number one on Russian Channel One. Please vote online at 1tvrus.com to keep t.A.T.u. at number one. Voting instructions: Click here, select the option “Tatu - Snegopady”, and click the button “Golosovat”.

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on Monday, July 6th, Kayla said

Woot!! Go tatu!!
I love it when my favorite band is number one! ♥

on Saturday, July 4th, Sara said

Tatu Is the best in everywhere ! I vote Them .

on Friday, July 3rd, tatu 101 said

And my vote is in :) gotta keep our girls up there

on Friday, July 3rd, tatu 101 said

wow no:1 thats the way it should be good work girls...
tatu 4ever!!!

on Thursday, July 2nd, Tatulover said

Go tatu you always number 1

on Thursday, July 2nd, rebekah said

my vote is in.

on Thursday, July 2nd, Faiza said

wow! the tatu girls are always number one XD and omg! vlad topalov with his song Satisfied is number 2! and that's also my favourite song after tatu's song O_O