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07/07/2009: "Gallery Update: Vladimir Byazrov"

Source: Byazrov.ru

Vladimir Byazrov photographed Lena Katina in July, 2009. Click here to view the full-size version.

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on Friday, July 10th, jenn said

Who doesn't love Lena Katina? She's like the other half of t.A.T.u. that everyone can relate to.

on Wednesday, July 8th, coco said

wow, doesn´t really look like her. nonetheless very pretty.

on Wednesday, July 8th, Brandon said

There isn't much that I can say that hasn't already been said in the other comments. :)

Lena is an angel on Earth.

on Tuesday, July 7th, Veronika said

My god. Elena looks so beautiful! She always has. Gosh I love her!

on Tuesday, July 7th, vandreadfighter said

wow..she's just absolutely beautiful in this picture. Then again she always is. She has such fair skin and the prettiest eyes. Much love to t.A.T.u.

on Tuesday, July 7th, JuliaLenaFan said

^^ She is sooooooo beautiful!

Lena is an angel! I just love her lol her eyes look very beautiful too. :)

on Tuesday, July 7th, Luna said

She lost weight? When did she ever gain it. I think she looks beautiful, her eyes are cute!

on Tuesday, July 7th, Gad said

she looks so cute, way to go Lena!!

on Tuesday, July 7th, Faiza said

She is gorgeous... but right now I'm too devastated from watching MJ's memorial...I wonder how the tatu girls feel about him

on Tuesday, July 7th, Kevin Krayewski said

pretty beautiful ^^

on Tuesday, July 7th, Robbert said

She looks good! It also looks like she's lost weight

on Tuesday, July 7th, colettio said

wow. what a beautiful angel Lena is.

on Tuesday, July 7th, Kayla said

awww! Lena looks so pretty!!! Her green eyes really stand out :D

on Tuesday, July 7th, Patrick said

She is so awesome and a real beauty

on Tuesday, July 7th, Ryane said

Lena is the best. So pretty :) Also, it looks like she was taking that picture of herself, lol.

on Tuesday, July 7th, Sofia said

Gosh, she looks so cute with barely any makeup. Clear skin! Freckles are cute >3

on Tuesday, July 7th, Ryan said

not that she needed to but she looks like she lots some weight :D i love Lena sooooooo MUCH xxxxx

on Tuesday, July 7th, Tea said

She is so beautiful :)