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07/08/2009: "“Snowfalls” video"

Source: Tatu.ru

Airing of the international version of “Snowfalls” (“Snegopady”) music video starts on Monday, July 13, on MTV Baltic channels. This day the song will be featured on our pages of YouTube, MySpace and iLike.

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on Sunday, July 12th, Robbert said

3 more hours to go!!!!! so excited. i hope they show it at midnight Estonia time.... that would make my day cause in America it'd just be 5 here today. its 9:00p.m. there right now

on Sunday, July 12th, Tatulover said

Yes i agree with sara and i think tatu wont release the video white robe soon

on Sunday, July 12th, Sarah said

The only thing I'm wondering is: why not White Robe first?
I mean..the english version exists..the english version of the video exists..and honestly I think it's a way better song AND video than Snegopady.
In my opinion Snegopady was quite..disapointing in some way

on Saturday, July 11th, tatu 101 said

OMG!!!! i sooo cant wait 4this its gonna be great!!! love t.A.T.u =)

on Saturday, July 11th, Robbert said

I think i already asked that question selfpenned. lol.

on Friday, July 10th, selfpenned said

In the begining of Snegopady they have the end of 220.
Do you think that they'll use the english version of 220 in that small part or just cut that part or just keep using 220?
I'm so excited! : D

on Friday, July 10th, jenn said

OHMYGODDDD! This is awesome! Thanks to the power of the internet, pretty soon we'll all be able to hear it soon.

on Friday, July 10th, Sofia said

'Me' Ahhh, that sucks. I really, really hope it would just be a rumor. English 220 would pretty much make my year.

on Friday, July 10th, Me said

That would be cool, Robbert, but when Lena did the fan meeting, Yulia called and said that the recording of Sparks was canceled. Since Yulia hasn't been to L.A. since then, it seems like that song hasn't even been recorded. Although, that would be awesome if it was.

on Friday, July 10th, Robbert said

and technically we Americans will get this song on Sunday since Baltic is a day ahead of us like Russia, unless I'm wrong?... So correct me if I am

on Friday, July 10th, Robbert said

Know what i just thought of? It would be amazing if the first part in the video,220, would be in its English counterpart to, to be another surprise and the new sneak peak we will be looking forward to

on Friday, July 10th, Sam said

AHHHH! :D:D:D I Can't Waitttt ! :D

on Thursday, July 9th, JuliaLenaFan said

AWESOME!! XD Finally! This song sounds great in Russian and in English too. :D



on Thursday, July 9th, Sofia said

Ahh, that would be great.

SO looking forward to next week so I can hear that xD

on Thursday, July 9th, Amanda said

Absolutely. It is likely that the official website will upload the original video to YouTube, as they did previously with “Snegopady” and “220”.

on Thursday, July 9th, Guddieh ;D said

Best news ever *-*
that made my day *-*

on Thursday, July 9th, Tatulover said

Yes amanda put the song in the site i need listin to the song in monday

on Thursday, July 9th, Robbert said

are you going to put the song on here for download AMANDA? or will we have to go find it somewhere else?

on Thursday, July 9th, Liisa said

WOHOOOO!!! I'm from Estonia (Baltic !!! :D), so probably it will be on MTV Estonia! Made my day.

on Thursday, July 9th, Brandon said

The fact that it's going to be on MTV Baltic of all places is a little odd, but at least it's going to be somewhere!

on Thursday, July 9th, Aryle said

I agree with tatulover, wtf? why not MTV America or something that's actually accessable :[[. I mean they played Yelle's French song why not try and put tatu back on the map in the U.S.?

on Thursday, July 9th, Sammie said

Awesome!! I hope someone puts it on Youtube so everyone else around the world can hear it. Very excited!!

on Wednesday, July 8th, предупреждение said

means WARNING...
this is from the message in the video Snowfalls. it says Warning- Please dont react any of these stunts, thanks yulei and lenoi

on Wednesday, July 8th, Robbert said

When it comes out, Im going to call Sirius 20on20 channel and have them put it in exclusive rotation. that will make American t.A.T.u. fans happy =]

on Wednesday, July 8th, Jo said

You're kidding. I've wanted to hear the English version of Snegopady since I heard the demo of it ages ago! AHHH! THIS IS SO EXCITING.


on Wednesday, July 8th, circe said

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!

on Wednesday, July 8th, Gad said

finally!! can't hardly wait =D

on Wednesday, July 8th, Tatulover said

I think tatu just change the song in english not the video

on Wednesday, July 8th, Kevin Krayewski said

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D CAN'T WAIT!

on Wednesday, July 8th, Robbert said

does that mean the english video too? if so i hope the video suits it better

on Wednesday, July 8th, liz said

thats great, but mtv baltic? give us americans a chance to hear it.

on Wednesday, July 8th, tatulover said

wow great the english album is coming

on Wednesday, July 8th, tatulover said

wow great the english album is coming

on Wednesday, July 8th, Kayla said

WOOOOO!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!! ♥

on Wednesday, July 8th, Ailish said

Thats great xDD Cant wait!!

on Wednesday, July 8th, Sofia said

OMG I'm so excited for it. Oooh!

Someone better record that xD

on Wednesday, July 8th, Mike said

SOOOOO excited <3