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07/09/2009: "Video: “Clowns” video"

Source: nfne.allmylove.org / allmylove.org

Nfne has uploaded an exclusive video of “Clowns” directed by Valerie Polienko (“Ne Ver, Ne Boisia, Ne Prosi”). Click here to download the video from nfne.allmylove.org. Stay tuned for more exclusive videos uploaded by Nfne and Matvei to our servers.

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on Saturday, July 18th, Liisa said

Prostiye Dvizhenya came out in 2002, Yulia was 17

on Sunday, July 12th, MA-sha said

If Prostiye Dvizhenya came out in 2003, which I believe it did, then I think Yulia was 18.
And about 0:20, it's not technically porn?
I mean I've definitely seen worse in movies.

on Sunday, July 12th, Rich said

Faiza, if you look closely you can see that it's not Yulia at 0:22. But i love this video! it's crazy!

on Sunday, July 12th, Tim said

First off, nothing graphic is shown in the PD video, and in addition to that, the legal age of consent in Russia WAS 14. Not to mention in America, standards are 16 years of age for sexual consent. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be prosecuted at all for a willing, 17 year old girl (who was legal in her home country), and also legal in the United States for sexual consent. It's not like she filmed this while she was filming Erelash.

on Saturday, July 11th, NS said

Does it matter which country the porn's from? I mean, if an adult American male was caught with footage of a 15 year old girl half-naked, nevermind where she came from, he could be prosecuted, couldn't he?

I feel terrible that I don't actually know the laws around here regarding something like that.

on Friday, July 10th, Amanda said

The legal age of consent in Russia was 14 years old between 1998-2003. Yulia and Lena were not involved in any illegal sexual activity during 1999-2002.

on Friday, July 10th, Tynika said

WOW! Great Job, Can I download it from youtube?

on Friday, July 10th, jenn said

im not TRYING* to piss anyone off

on Friday, July 10th, jenn said

I thought this was really cool, but I didn't like the last minute. I get the whole staring at the camera thing, but it gets so boring.

Also, didn't t.A.T.u. live off of pedophilia in the beginning? It was never said directly (except maybe a bit by Ivan), but hello - they were only 15 and 16 when they were making out on stage in wet panties and all that good stuff. I hope I'm not pissing anyone off. I'm not trying to bash them or anythingOHMYGOD MY CAT JUST CRAPPED ON THE FLOOR!

on Friday, July 10th, Kayla said

My heart also beats fast at 2:36! God yulia is gorgeous there ♥
At about 0:50, I dont think I like seeing yulia like that, I feel like Im invading her privacy. Though shes really pretty.

on Friday, July 10th, NS said

I gotta go with 'Sofia' on this one. Couldn't this technically be considered child porn, being that Yulia WAS only 15 in that clip?


on Friday, July 10th, circe said

I love this video
Yulia is my idol

on Friday, July 10th, Tea said

Cool thanks :D

on Friday, July 10th, TaTyTu said

OMG,Yulia is so HOT in this video !!
At 2:36 I can swear to God that Yulia is looking at me, I felt so strange, my heart beat gone fast,like she's actually in front of me,weird, i love it.

on Friday, July 10th, Sofia said

Hm, Yulia's tits- nothing too new. Creepy that she was like 15 when that was done, though.

on Friday, July 10th, annie said

why the text? :(

<33 yulka.

on Friday, July 10th, Faiza said

omg! lool what was Yulia doing at 0:22 to the guy? O_O

on Friday, July 10th, easya said

It's only a half! Please check the link!

on Friday, July 10th, Brandon said

Yay for nipples!!!

on Thursday, July 9th, Colettio said

i dont like seeing young Yulia like that :(

on Thursday, July 9th, JuliaLenaFan said

Very cool! This video has clips I've never seen before! :D

I loved it!

on Thursday, July 9th, robbert said

you can see Yulia's nipples!!!

on Thursday, July 9th, Sofia said