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07/11/2009: "Lena Katina in Los Angeles"

Source: Twitter.com

t.A.T.u.ís guitarist Troy MacCubbin is currently working with Lena Katina in Los Angeles, California. He has posted messages on his official Twitter account from July 7th to July 16th, 2009. Click here to view all of his messages.

July 7th: Sitting around, catching up, throwing ideas around. Lena, Sven, Domen, Steve & me.
July 9th: In the studio guys! All is well here in sunny LA. Steve & Lena relaxing.
July 16th: Mmmmmmmm, where are we going to tour first?
July 16th: Lena recording vocals right now!

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on Sunday, July 12th, liz said

i predict lena's album will be successful, while yulia's will fail, and she'll end up either on "i'm a celebrity, get me out of her" or for the uk fans "celebrity big brother"

on Sunday, July 12th, Diamond said

Lena and Troy is pretty cool but I think I like Lena and Sven.
I think its Sven. The REALLY funny one (not that troy isn't funny too) Even though sven has a girlfriend that would be cute

on Sunday, July 12th, Brandon said

Lena and Troy have a sort of brother and sister type of relationship. If they became a couple, it would be kind of like incest... >_>

on Saturday, July 11th, tatu 101 said

im glad to see Lena is doing something, but i cant wait to see wat Yulia has as well coz after all i love both :)
t.A.T.u 4ever!!!

Hmm as for Lena and Troy i dunno about that one i think there just good friends

on Saturday, July 11th, Sofia said

Exciting! I can't wait to hear some of their stuff.

Me: Yeah, Lena certainly seems to be doing more. I guess you can really do that with your music career and stuff when you aren't a 'normal person with children'. /bitterness xD

on Saturday, July 11th, Me said

I think this makes it apparent that Yulia was the problem for the group. She obviously doesn't want to work, seeing as she hasn't done anything relating to her career; whereas Lena has completed demos/songs and has plans for an album by this year. Glad Lena has brains and finally got away from Barbie.

on Saturday, July 11th, Kayla said

Yeah i think Lena and Troy would be a cute couple!
I love how Troy takes the time to write to his fans! ♥

on Saturday, July 11th, erick said

yeah!, I think Lena would date with Troy, she and he make a good couple!, don't they?

on Saturday, July 11th, Sara said

I don`t know Jesse.
But I Wish It will be nice .

on Saturday, July 11th, Jesse said

Anyone think Lena would date/ make a good couple with anyone in the band?

on Saturday, July 11th, Brandon said

I knew it! lol