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07/14/2009: "“Snowfalls” is most viewed on YouTube"

Source: YouTube.com

The international version of “Snowfalls” (“Snegopady”) is the most viewed music video (today) on YouTube with over 50,000 views. Click here to view additional honors. Please continue to comment, favorite and rate the video. Congratulations, t.A.T.u.!

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on Thursday, July 16th, Ang said

thats friggan awesome! t.A.T.u.<3

on Thursday, July 16th, Sara said

I`m so happy for this matter.

on Wednesday, July 15th, Tea said

That's so great!!!!! :D I really hope the song will played on Radio over here where I live :) the only song by them (I have heard) was Happy Birtday - but it wasn't really by them they were only on a little part of the song
:( But congratz to them!

on Wednesday, July 15th, circe said

so happy for them

on Wednesday, July 15th, ailishhhhhhhh said

I love snowfalls! =D my friends think that tatu have done a come back now, I hope they release the album soon! xDD

on Wednesday, July 15th, Daniel T said

I Absolutely loved Snowfalls! i wish t.A.T.u. would broadcast in the uk because i was showing my friend most of their new stuff that she had never heard before and she absolutely loved it and she said they would probably be the main artists that she will listen to on her ipod! she even liked the russian. omg t.A.T.u. are just sooo addictive :D what does everyone else think? :)

on Wednesday, July 15th, Brandon said

That's a pleasant surprise! :)

It's too bad they're going solo right when they get a really successful video...

on Tuesday, July 14th, Sofia said

Woo! This is good publicity. I'm happy that people were so interested in a new song from them :3

on Tuesday, July 14th, jenn said

Ooohh wow! I'm a bit surprised, yet at the same time I knew they could pull it off. t.A.T.u. has a huge fanbase through out the internet.

on Tuesday, July 14th, Ryan said

thats 2 songs by tATu that have hit the Most Viewed worldwide on youtube. no way can it just be tatu fans... people will learn of their existance once again, even if they are going solo :P x

on Tuesday, July 14th, Tatulover said

Wow all my frind call me and tell me ur band in you tube most veiwed go tatu comeback to the world

on Tuesday, July 14th, Amanda said

Robbert, I agree with you. If nothing else, then I hope that people will view the “Snowfalls” video on YouTube, and think, “I remember those ‘t.A.T.u.’ girls… I should check out their new music”.

on Tuesday, July 14th, Robbert said

I think the girls will do good off this. My friend told me that this sounded too "TECHNO" and after he started to listen to it he got into it hardcore. So i think they need to go ahead and release this in America and on the radio stations. t.A.T.u. will rise yet again!