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07/16/2009: "New Lena diary entry"

Source: Tatu.ru

Hello everyone from the sunny Los Angeles. I feel like telling you something about myself. At this moment I’m sitting in the living room at Domen’s and Sven’s place, where there is the studio all of us work in! And Troy and Steve are the most imprecise musicians in the world!!!! We’re sitting and waiting for them like fools. :-))))

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on Sunday, July 19th, Faiza said

Cute fingers :P

on Sunday, July 19th, cynthia said

lena looks great !!!

on Friday, July 17th, VOLKOVA said

OH EM GEE. I heart Lena. Such a sweet girl. <333

on Friday, July 17th, Brandon said

That's the most adorable picture I've seen in a while! :) Lena's so awesome!

Anyway, if the pattern continues like this, we'll probably hear from her again sometime around her birthday. It seems like she makes a new diary entry around every three months.

on Friday, July 17th, Jane said

Oooh good news ^_^
I can't wait to hear some of her songs.
It must be hard to type an english message with a cyrillic keyboard. She looks like she's having a bit of trouble just pecking away there.
She's still so beautiful. I hope Yulia updates her diary soon.

on Thursday, July 16th, Robbert said

lol. i love how she said it took her an hour to type that. you could tell my how she was finger-pecking that laptop keyboard. lmao

on Thursday, July 16th, jenn said

LENA BABY! I love when she writes to the fans. She keeps it reeeeeal.

on Thursday, July 16th, Sam said

hehe Lena's such a cutie <3 :)

on Thursday, July 16th, liz said

i like hearing from lena. at least she appreciates her fans. as for yulia, we'll probably never hear from her. she's too busy partying with parviz and getting plastic surgery.

on Thursday, July 16th, tatu 101 said

wow its great 2hear from Lena she sounds quite happy!!!
Oh its good she seen Yulia aswell i hope they are keeping in touch still.
Can't wait to see whats happeing wit Yulia :)

on Thursday, July 16th, Tea said

Nice to hear how it's going with Elena's solo carrier :) and when she mention Yulia - it's nice to she also doing something for her future carrier ;) I hope Yulia soon will begin to tell about how it goes with her solo carriers :D

on Thursday, July 16th, Amanda said

Tatulover, most of “Happy Smiles” has already been recorded (e.g. Snowfalls, Little People, Don’t Regret, Fly on the Wall, You And I…). We should be grateful that Yulia and Lena have chosen to go solo, as opposed to quitting music after t.A.T.u.’s contract.

on Thursday, July 16th, Tatulover said

This is bad news becuse the girls working in they album and leave happy smiles eng album

on Thursday, July 16th, Faiza said

Oh so both the tatu girls are in LA now O_o lool Lena is so sweet typing her thoughts out :D and the pictures make it look effective that she's actually typing directly to us :D

on Thursday, July 16th, circe said

awesome to hear from them