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07/19/2009: "Fan meeting with Lena in Los Angeles (updated)"

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A public fan meeting with Lena Katina has been scheduled for August 17th, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Time: 3:00 P.M. (Pacific Coast Time). Location: Please e-mail us. For non-California residents: Please book your travel arrangements in advance. Note: All cameras and camcorders are permitted. Thanks to Diana (nich'ya) for organizing the fan meeting.

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on Sunday, July 26th, eliseo said

im going tooooo! taking my HD Canon of course!

on Sunday, July 26th, Bryan Palafox said

Omg yeah i get to see her im so happy omg im so fraking happy like holy crap hjahahahaha im so freaking happy

on Saturday, July 25th, Fabian said

Someone HAS to get this interview on film! xD

on Thursday, July 23rd, Alejandra said

Wah, I want to meet Lena so bad but I think I'll be back at school that day. Wish the meeting was on the weekend. I'll see if I can do something to go to LA to the meeting :3

on Thursday, July 23rd, Faiza said

aww :( I live in toronto...If only I could travel alone... but how would I tell my parents T_T

on Wednesday, July 22nd, cath said

jenn, you live in lancaster??? no way i live in harrisburg, thats..... somewhat close hahah yeah but definately i agree, nothing good happens around here

on Tuesday, July 21st, jenn said

Cath, nothing good ever happens to us in Pennsylvania! Especially Lancaster..

on Tuesday, July 21st, cath said

stupid freakin pennsylvania has to be on the ezact opposite side of the country from where lena is...... DANG IT

on Tuesday, July 21st, Brandon said

I live in Arizona and I probably still won't be able to go!!!


It makes me so sad... TnT

on Tuesday, July 21st, JuliaLenaFan said


I literally screamed my head off when I read this haha! Thanks for this oportunity of getting to meet Lena!! XD

I am definately going to try and go, HOPEFULLY I will be able to. ^^

on Monday, July 20th, Aryle said

Hallelujiah!!!! YAY! it FINALLY pays off to live in LA! OH yea yea, oh yea, oh yea yea yea! *does happy dance* YES! I AM SO GOING! I GET TO MEET LENA KATINA YAY!!! :DDDDD

on Monday, July 20th, l.U.P.e said

i wish i can met lena but i can't ohhh my god i love you lenaa and i hope you can make mor songs for all your fans (: love youu (L)

on Monday, July 20th, Rich said

Damn! i wish i could go and meet lena, but i live on the complete opposite side of Ca. (New Jersey :p). but those of you who are going good luck and hopefully you get to take some good pics or vids. :)

on Monday, July 20th, Jo said

Reason #123,159,852,337 it sucks to live in South Carolina.
I would drive there to meet her if I could, but I can't. I can't drive yet. I'm sad now. :/
Wish I could just say 'hi' to her. Oh well...


on Monday, July 20th, Alexandra said

This is so awesome! Finally it pays off to live in Arizona, its so close :-) Now I just need to find a road trip buddy and I'll be good to go!

on Monday, July 20th, ARTHUR said



THNX SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

on Monday, July 20th, Axelle said

I wish I could go too! But I live in France, and, in fact, Russia would be closer for me than Los Angeles. Those who'll go, enjoy it for me!!!

on Monday, July 20th, Tea said

It's not fair! It's in that week I'm away :( I really wish I could be there instead of Jutland. I've only been away from Denmark (where I live) like 2-3 times in my whole life... But I wish everyone who is going there a good time!!!!! :D

on Monday, July 20th, Luna said

Sadly, I can't be there due to living in Indiana (which I hate being here) and I've got no way to get there. I've got hope there will be other times anyway. I would love to be able to get shots of t.A.T.u., they're great musicians and people as well.

on Monday, July 20th, Kayla said

I wish I could go SO BAD!!!!!! It sucks living in new-york. Everything happens in california!! *pouts* And my parents didn't even think about it, when I asked. It was a flat out no! *cries* Im not even aloud to drive myself! :(
Anyways, concratulations amanda!! and anyone else who is luckey enough to go! I hope everyone has fun! Make sure to take lots of pictures!! ♥♥

on Monday, July 20th, Amanda said

Coco, unfortunately, I have not met Yulia or Lena in person before. However, my Russian friends have told Lena about me, so hopefully she will recognize and remember me. :D

on Monday, July 20th, jenn said

DAMN! I really really really want to go. I highly doubt I'll make it, though. Hey Amanda, have fun!

on Monday, July 20th, emilym said

why do i live in norway? WHY! hehe
awww, i really wanna go...

on Monday, July 20th, Luna said

THATS MY BIRTHDAY! Ugh and if it couldn't get any worse..I'm in Indiana with not enough money to get to Los Angeles. That would be some really cool photographs to add to my collection. <33

Its a good thing I want a career in photography, I'll probably get another chance.

To everyone who gets to go, enjoy your time! and please, tell Lena I said hi! :)

on Monday, July 20th, Elise said

The only reason I hate living in Australia is when these things come up I never get a chance, I'm too far away :(

on Monday, July 20th, coco said

Congratulations Amanda! :D Have you ever met the girls in person before?

on Monday, July 20th, Liisa said

wow, cool :D

on Monday, July 20th, TaTyTu said

good luck & safe trip.. hugh Lena 4 me too xD

on Monday, July 20th, Tim said

Lena looks like Led Zeppelin in that picture.

on Sunday, July 19th, circe said

are you going? if it was Yulia I'd go

on Sunday, July 19th, Sam said

Why do i have to live in Canada, and just get back from a trip :(

on Sunday, July 19th, liz said

i wish everyone that is going good luck and be safe. hug lena for me:)

on Sunday, July 19th, Amanda said

Although I live in Alabama, which is over 2,000 miles away from Los Angeles, I will be going to the fan meeting. I will be booking my flight, rental car and hotel room soon. Yes, it has been difficult to type this comment without excessive use of exclamation points and smilies. !!! :D

on Sunday, July 19th, Ryane said

Not only do I live about 3000 miles away, but I start classes August 17th. D: