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07/22/2009: "Request “Snowfalls” on MTV Latin America"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum, YouTube.com

Please request t.A.T.u.’s new single “Snowfalls” on MTV Latin America. Click here, request “t.A.T.u. - Snowfalls” (otro), include your first name (nombre), last name (apellido) and e-mail address (e-mail), then click the “Vote” (votar) button.

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on Friday, July 24th, emilym said

well of course i voted!

on Friday, July 24th, JuliaLenaFan said

XD they got my vote!!

I was so sad that I didn't see any of their videos when I went to Mexico not long ago. :(

TATU ROCKS!!! XD let's vote!

on Thursday, July 23rd, Me said


on Thursday, July 23rd, Tea said

Voted and my friends voted :D They're so gonna be number one!!!!! And thanks for the information about how you should vote when it is foreign language ;)

on Thursday, July 23rd, mohammad said

i was very happy when i see your weblog.exusme that my english is not so well.because i'm iranian and i love the tatu group.
can i ask a favor?
the spead of internet connection in iran is very slowly and i can't get tatu information from internet.can you send me your information from your weblog to my e-mail i can translate it.
i will happy that you help me.

on Thursday, July 23rd, Kayla said

I voted too.

on Wednesday, July 22nd, circe said

I voted! =)

on Wednesday, July 22nd, cath said

totally voted for it!! anything for our girls