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07/26/2009: "Video: t.A.T.u. life episode 13"

Source: Russia.ru

Russia.ru uploaded a new video from the online reality show “t.A.T.u. life”, featuring footage from the making of “Snegopady” in April, 2009. Note: select SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) and the video will play.

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on Monday, August 3rd, cisco said

I'm glad I'm finally seeing this conversation take place. When I first saw this video I noticed they were not shooting any scenes together. I got the feeling something was going on and they did not want to see each other. I hope its not true, but you never know. Either way this video was great thanks for uploading and I hope they both do great with their solo carrers!

on Wednesday, July 29th, circe said

Their management tells them to hold hands, pretend to be friends to the camera and their latest photo shoots,
and told lena to mention yulia in her diary entry? all I'm saying is I think they still get along, argument or not, Lena said in the anniversary interview they never fight very long, she's forgiving. I don't think they let they do anything their management tells them to without agreeing with them first. thanks for agreeing.

on Tuesday, July 28th, liz said

*like each other- i just came back from georgia.

on Tuesday, July 28th, liz said

circe, i'm going to agree with you. ever since yulia hooked up with that douche, tatu hasn't been the same. the girls pretend to like because management tells them to. i'm glad they're doing solo work.

on Tuesday, July 28th, Kayla said

I totally agree with everything circe said. You tell them! Us fans gotta stick together, lol. =]

on Monday, July 27th, circe said

they were in different scenes of course they were separate. they still get along, Lena implied it in her last diary entry. what could possibly break more than a 10 yr old friendship? after everything they been through? This video was the making of the video. were they not holding hands in MTV NewsBlock 4/17/09 which premiered the day of the release of that video?

on Monday, July 27th, circe said

Dont' call Yulia a bitch! you don't know the whole story. without tatu none of them would have made it this far, so we got to support them both as true fans should!

on Sunday, July 26th, eliseo said

i didnt understand anything, but they are soooo beautiful amd HOT! Thank GOD for HD!!

on Sunday, July 26th, Me said

It's sad that do their work separately, even back then before the split was announced. Yulia's such a bitch.

on Sunday, July 26th, Kayla said

I always love watching how they put the music videos together. I cant wait untill someone puts on subtitles! ♥

on Sunday, July 26th, circe said

I love this, they look awesome! can't wait until someone put subtitles.

on Sunday, July 26th, Joe said

Were they on set at different times?
Or are they not speaking at all?

on Sunday, July 26th, Joe said

Were they on set at different times?
Or are they not speaking at all?

on Sunday, July 26th, Sam said

yeah i wish there was subtitles :\

on Sunday, July 26th, Ryan said

I liked this, shame it wasnt subtitled :(