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07/29/2009: "AllMyLove.Org added to t.A.T.u.s top friends"

Source: allmylove.org

Our website has been added to t.A.T.u.s top friends on MySpace.com. I received an e-mail from t.A.T.u.s press manager, Zhenya Voevodina, stating Weve added your myspace as the fifth friend. Your site deserves it. Thank you very much, Yulia Volkova, Lena Katina, and of course - tatu.ru.

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on Saturday, August 1st, emilym said

Awsome!!! congratulations!!! this site definately derserves it! keep up the good work:)

on Friday, July 31st, Amanda said

Thank you, guys. I have received so much recognition for this fansite. It has become overwhelming.

on Thursday, July 30th, Sofia said

Wow cool!

on Thursday, July 30th, Tea said

Congratulations!!!!! :D you truly deserved it!

on Thursday, July 30th, thais rocha said

Hey hey Amanda, congratulations :)

on Thursday, July 30th, tatu 101 said

Oh wow thats pretty damm cool u rly do deserve it though this site is sweet as i love it im always on here to find out wats new with our girls :) good work Amanda keep it up!!!

on Thursday, July 30th, Sara said

Congratulations Amanda !!!!

on Thursday, July 30th, VOLKOVA said

Wow, that is majah! Honestly, you do an awesome job. And yes, I think I would be lost without this fansite. :)

on Wednesday, July 29th, Rich said

Congrats Amanda, your site is awesome.

on Wednesday, July 29th, Colettio said

nice job! some serious congrats r in order!

on Wednesday, July 29th, Shanice said

Congrats Amanda!

on Wednesday, July 29th, liz said

congrats *hugs panda*

on Wednesday, July 29th, cath said

dude that's freakin rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're site is the bomb dot com and its definately my favorite so i can totally see how they added you to their top friends! totally deserve it!

on Wednesday, July 29th, Sam said

Congratulations Amanda! :)

on Wednesday, July 29th, circe said

congratulations! that's freaking awesome, u deserve it!

on Wednesday, July 29th, Kayla said

Concratulations! This site absolutly deserves to be added as a friend! Its one of my favorites!