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08/01/2009: "Tatushky: Graphics by Andruska and MATADOR"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

“Tatushky” is a newly opened t.A.T.u. graphic community by Andruska and MATADOR.

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on Sunday, August 2nd, Luna said

Your art is great! Congratulations on all your support and LJ page :)

on Sunday, August 2nd, andruska said

Thank you Jo :)

on Sunday, August 2nd, Jo said

As a LJ geek and a graphic artist myself, I added you guys over on LJ.
Looking forward to seeing some graphics, you guys.


on Sunday, August 2nd, Sara said

Thanks Amanda !

on Saturday, August 1st, Amanda said

Andreea, Carlo, guys… it’s the least I can do. You supported me when I needed it the most. :-)

on Saturday, August 1st, Sofia said

Awesome! I look forward to seeing cool pictures. T.a.t.u. graphics are the best graphics xD

on Saturday, August 1st, MATADOR said

Amanda thank you so much!
Me & Andreea are two beginners, your support means a lot for us.


on Saturday, August 1st, andruska said

Thank you so much for your support,Amanda.