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08/05/2009: "Yulia Volkova in Los Angeles"

Source: Facebook.com, Twitter.com

Yulia Volkova is currently working on her solo album in Los Angeles, California. She met with Lena Katina and the band on August 5th, 2009. Troy MacCubbin posted on his official Twitter account stating, “a special guest might swing by the studio today. I’ll have to take some pics. I think you guys might know her.” Click here to view more messages.

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on Sunday, August 9th, Amanda said

Liz and Sofia, I agree with you. I hope that Yulia plans to record “Sparks”, because “220” contains mostly her vocals. But in general, I think that electronica (?) (e.g. “220”, “Chelovechki”, “Snegopady”) is more Yulia’s style.

on Sunday, August 9th, Sofia said

Liz: I hope she records sparks too. If nothing else, sparks.

But if she doesn't, I think Lena sound awesome on that song.

on Sunday, August 9th, liz said

is yulia's new house near a plastic surgen's office? just curious. ps. i hope she's still has plans to record sparks. pps. i suck at spelling!

on Friday, August 7th, Dani said

Oh, Lena, Yulia and the guys together, wow! I hope they have fun at LA

on Friday, August 7th, Me said

Yulia isn't working on her solo album, she is closing up the deal on a house she is buying in LA. She said it herself that she hasn't started on her album and is in no rush to do so.

on Friday, August 7th, emilym said

awww! yulia, lena and the guys all toghether:)
this just made my dayxD

on Thursday, August 6th, tatu 101 said

yay it's good to see them all together!!! :)

I'm also wondering what the visit was for, just a hello or something to do with music?!? music i hope but who knows:)
Hope there are some more pictures to come :)

on Thursday, August 6th, Jana said

Super! :) feel so happy right now :) Yulia looks just amazing,Lena-cute :) Love this day!

on Wednesday, August 5th, Kayla C. said

Troy is so awsome for being so envolved with the fans. I love how he updates his twitter frequently :) I am super excited to hear some new songs!
I agree with you Amanda, Yulia is looking very natural and gorgeous(as usual) and I hope for more pictures of them! ♥

on Wednesday, August 5th, Amanda said

Wow! What a pleasant surprise. From what I can tell, Yulia looks very good: natural and tanned. I hope more photos are posted, preferably of Yulia and Lena together. And I wonder whether Yulia’s visit to the band’s studio was for social or musical reasons.