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08/11/2009: "New pictures from “Snowfalls”"

Source: Tatu.ru

The single “Snowfalls” is now available at iTunes and Amazon stores. Thank you for your support, guys! New pictures from the set are now available in our gallery!

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on Wednesday, August 12th, Rae said

Wow, Lena looks absolutely stunning in these photos. ;-)

on Wednesday, August 12th, Ryane said

Wow, great colors in these photos. I think they must have had a professional on-set. It looks like a real photoshoot.

on Wednesday, August 12th, Brandon said

Very, very, very nice! There haven't been nearly enough pictures lately where they BOTH look great. This is a step in the right direction.

on Tuesday, August 11th, Sofia said

Looks good! I love the pictures of Lena, her makeup is so nice.

on Tuesday, August 11th, sam said

They're both so beautiful in the photos.
I too wonder who the photographer is. They're very good, whoever they are.

on Tuesday, August 11th, Amanda said

Thank you tatu.ru! This is such gorgeous photography. I’m curious as to who the photographer is (perhaps Zhenya?). I’ve never been so impressed with latest photos like this!