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08/13/2009: "New page: signatures"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum, allmylove.org

We have added a new page to our downloads section signatures. We have collected the work of various graphic artists, including Lei_Fang (16), Fofo (68) and Lily (30). More coming soon.

Visit the signature section

Replies: 9 Comments

on Thursday, August 20th, Tea said

Fantastic job people :)

on Saturday, August 15th, Amanda said

We have added a new graphic artist to the signature archive Jo!

on Friday, August 14th, Brandon said

Those are some nice, classy graphics. All four of you did a nice job. :)

I'd do some stuff like that if I had Photoshop... :(

on Thursday, August 13th, tatu 101 said

oh wow these are grate good job guys keep it up :)

on Thursday, August 13th, Fabian said

Wow! They were all fantastic! :D Great job peoples. =]

on Thursday, August 13th, Amanda said

If you are a graphic artist, please send an e-mail to contact@allmylove.org with your art. :-)

on Thursday, August 13th, Sam said

I absolutely love them ! They're awesome ! :)

on Thursday, August 13th, Jo said

Those are fantastic! Graphics that are good are usually hard to come by, and you have a great stash there.

I also make signatures/banners. It's so fun to make them. x) I've had photoshop sicne Christmas, but I've used various other programs for a long time.


on Thursday, August 13th, Faiza said

I'm looking through them and they look gorgeous! These are really great works. I hope to make some soon if I get photoshop. And I just thought about how they changed so much. where did the years go. they are growing too fast O_O