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08/13/2009: "Featured on fan art blog"

Source: Blog.tatu.ru

My fan art and fansite were featured on the official fan art blog. Thank you, management.

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on Thursday, August 20th, Tea said

Congratulations Amanda :)

on Sunday, August 16th, Brandon said

ROFL, sorry, "Me". I didn't realize that there was an imposter troll going about. XD I bitch about Yulia, too, so I guess I shouldn't call you a troll. :P

on Sunday, August 16th, Me said

No. The first Me wasn't the real Me. I haven't posted in a while here as there hasn't been anything worth bitching about. :P And I don't troll. How dare you.

on Saturday, August 15th, liz said

congrats amanda

on Saturday, August 15th, Brandon said

Me's trolling Yulia again? >_>

on Friday, August 14th, circe said

that's awesome

on Friday, August 14th, Motrek said

Look at his face and it,that away is being coloured , on the second picture good discernible one,how his head is copied. His body causes thinking really but long one I came onto him after an analysis,that not yuila.

Otherwise congratulations to the pictures , verry nice.
: )

on Friday, August 14th, Me said

is this Yulia?

[Links deleted]

on Friday, August 14th, Kayla C. said

Concrats Amanda! You sure get recognized by management alot!

on Friday, August 14th, Luna said

Congratz fellow fanart blogger! :)

on Friday, August 14th, Brandon said

You're on a roll, Amanda! Congratulations! :)

on Friday, August 14th, Elsiefore said


on Thursday, August 13th, Sam said

Congrats :)