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08/19/2009: "Giveaway winner"

Source: allmylove.org

We are pleased to announce that Fiorela from Peru has won a 8 x 10 print personally signed by Lena Katina. Congratulations, Fiorela! And thank you to everyone who entered! Note: We plan on doing more giveaways in the future.

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on Thursday, August 20th, Kevin Krayewski said

Fio O.O te envidio mucho, jeje felicidades, y cuidas con tu alma esa foto que me voy para tu casa y me la robo :)

on Thursday, August 20th, nichya said

so what did Lena say at the meeting? Did she talk about her new album or tatu's English album or the movie you and I?

on Thursday, August 20th, Tea said

I'm back from my holiday yay :) but anyway congrats Fiorela you're so lucky I'm happy for you and a little bit jealous :D

on Thursday, August 20th, Brandon said

Congratulations Fiorela! Make sure you keep the picture in a special place when you get it. ;)

on Thursday, August 20th, tatu 101 said

Oh god look at that pic!!! gosh ur so lucky congrats :)

on Wednesday, August 19th, Sofia said

Congratulations! You are lucky!

on Wednesday, August 19th, Lauren said

Congratulations Fiorela!!! :)

on Wednesday, August 19th, Juan Pablo said

F***! i really wanted that printed personally signed by sweet Lena!! :( anyway, hope i win next time! ^^ Congrats Fiorela, u were very lucky

on Wednesday, August 19th, Fabian said

Congratulations Fiorela! :D

on Wednesday, August 19th, Fiorela said

WoooWW I won!!!!!!!!

on Wednesday, August 19th, Kayla C. said

Oh my gosh! thats amazing! congrats Fiorela!

on Wednesday, August 19th, Only-t.A.T.u. [Agustina] said

Felicitaciones Fiore!! :D

on Wednesday, August 19th, Giulia said

Congrats Fiore!!!!! :)
You really deserved it!!! :D

on Wednesday, August 19th, Patrick said

congrats Fiorela. :-)