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08/28/2009: "Happy Birthday, Troy Maccubbin!"

Source: TroyMaccubbin.com

Today, August 28, is t.A.T.u. guitarist Troy Maccubbin’s birthday. You may post your birthday wishes on Twitter @TroyMaccubbin. We would like to wish you a happy birthday, as well as good luck with your musical career!

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on Sunday, August 30th, Brandon said

Well, I don't swing that way, but if I did, I guess Hugh Jackman would be very attractive to me. >_>

on Saturday, August 29th, liz said

brandon, the hottest australlian in the world is hugh jackman!

on Saturday, August 29th, Brandon said

Who's the hottest, Liz? >_>

on Friday, August 28th, PtATu said

Happy Birthday
I love you


on Friday, August 28th, liz said

happy b-day to the second hottest australlian in the world!