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09/04/2009: "Gallery Update: Various articles [HQ]"

Source: allmylove.org

Exclusive high quality scans by quoth09 are available in our photo gallery.

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on Tuesday, September 15th, Sofia said

Awesome pics!

on Tuesday, September 8th, Brandon said

I love Lena's butt. xD

on Monday, September 7th, Damien said

whoa, i just realized how big lenas butt is xD
not that im complaining

on Monday, September 7th, Ang said

aghh, they look so adorable in those pictures :)

on Saturday, September 5th, Fabian said

Everything's sexier in HQ. XDD

on Friday, September 4th, cath said

those high quality scans are sick yo thanks for posting

they are also very adorable :) lol

on Friday, September 4th, yulia's biggest fan said

I love tatu

on Friday, September 4th, Daniel Temple said

Sorry :P i ment to say *not one WORD to describe*

on Friday, September 4th, Daniel Temple said

t.A.T.u. 2 of the most inspirational women ever! i love them and will root for them no matter what they decide to do in the future. i have over 800's worth of t.A.T.u. Merchandise and still finding things to buy! there is not one were to describe them... they are just so so loveable and inspirational. love them :) i am very greatful that this site exists. Thankyou Amanda =D