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09/05/2009: "Lena Katina in Los Angeles"

Source: Twitter.com

Lena Katina is currently recording her solo album in Los Angeles, California. Troy Maccubbin uploaded new photos on September 5th, 2009. Click here to view all of the photos.

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on Tuesday, September 8th, cynthia said

lol liz :P yeah lena looks really awesome

on Monday, September 7th, liz said

lena looks very pretty, and NOT plastic, unlike whats her face.

on Monday, September 7th, Angelica said

i wish lena had a twitter :p

on Monday, September 7th, Robbert said

It's nice that she's taking pictures with the gang, but she needs to go ahead and open her website already lol

on Sunday, September 6th, Rae said

Beautiful. ;-)

on Sunday, September 6th, Brandon said

OMG, Lena's looking so damn gorgeous. O_O

I guess she's always looking gorgeous though. XD