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09/09/2009: "Lena Katina’s official website"

Source: Tatu.ru

Lena Katina’s official website was opened on September 11th, 2009.

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on Tuesday, September 15th, Colettio said

Go LENA!! :D

she is so beautiful and fun to watch!

on Sunday, September 13th, coco said

cīmon people, you donīt really need a scale to tell if someoneīs overweight...healthy vision and common sense is enough, in most cases anyways. And my eyes say Lena hardly is a borderline case.

If the scale part was some sort of statement to the weight issue around her, I think itīs silly. She shouldnīt have paid that sort of attention to those absurd comments. Sheīs smarter than that.

on Sunday, September 13th, Brandon said

I'm with you, Kay! XD

And which "Me" was that? >_>

on Sunday, September 13th, kay said

haha! woo!!! go Lena!! luved the video, hopefully everybody will shut the hell up about her weight and leave her alone now! there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with her figure to begin with! anyway i LOVE U LENA!!!! o yea...i will personally hurt ANYBODY who insults Lena!!! *im watching* anybody with me??

on Sunday, September 13th, Sammie said

That video is too cute! The site looks wonderful. It's very easy to navigate and visually appealing. I love it!

on Saturday, September 12th, Kevin said


on Saturday, September 12th, Lauren said

Me, I am 5'2 and weigh around 118 lbs and I know that my BMI is in the healthy range. Since Lena is only a few pounds heavier than me, that would make her healthy as well. She would have to weigh a lot more to not be "ok". Whatever you are basing this on is ridiculous and your snarkiness isn't appreciated.

on Saturday, September 12th, Me said

If y'all think that weight was ok, then maybe u all are fat too. Lena is only like 5'2". She should be between 108-121 lbs.

on Saturday, September 12th, Krasky said

is true that separates tatu?? someone explain to me what is happening? because the new page lena?
I watched many videos and photos lena alone in her RECORDING ....
is true that Julie is a soloist?
Tell me about because I was downgrading tatu

on Saturday, September 12th, Ammelie said

Love the site!
Her mascot girl [the one with the striped gloves]
Is soo cute!

on Saturday, September 12th, Jo said

I screamed.
Gleefully, of course.

on Saturday, September 12th, Sofia said

Wow, awesome!

on Saturday, September 12th, coco said

yeah, the scale part was a bit strange.

on Saturday, September 12th, Brandon said

I love how she randomly weighs herself in the video to prove her weight to everyone. Damn, she wins at life. XD

on Saturday, September 12th, @tATuFanclub said

@tatufanclub checked out the entire www.lena-katina.com web site and has directions to register on it at www.twitter.com/tatufanclub. The video is cute and Lena really looks like a movie star.

on Saturday, September 12th, Aryle said

I just saw Lena's Video and its so Cute and creative! It's original not just another boring "Hey and welcome" video :D
The art work on the website is INCREDIBLE, and i want the little charm she wears in some of her pictures where its of her shadow and those cool gloves :]

on Saturday, September 12th, Ryane said

Amazing! I love the style of the graphics! Amanda, do we know who the designer is, if it is someone close to Lena/t.A.T.u.? Also her video was adorable and funny :) I love the scale. I always said she has the perfect weight :P

on Friday, September 11th, Sam said

Haha I love the video, especially the scale part. Its awesome that she was gutsy enough to do something like that. Now people can shut up about calling her fat :)Cause honestly thats not even close to fat.

on Friday, September 11th, >>tatu<< said

did u see lena's new video on youtube?

on Friday, September 11th, Aryle said

@liz LMAO Yoko Parviz xD Awesomeee

on Friday, September 11th, Luna said

Coco, she might have been wearing a strapless shirt.

on Friday, September 11th, coco said

But, anyways, I think Lena was very charismatic in her own discreet manner and the video was funny. And I have to admit I got a little bit excited again, although for a second I thought I donīt care about this project or t.a.t.u. anymore.

on Friday, September 11th, coco said

Wow, was she nude in the introduction video?

on Friday, September 11th, liz said

i love her site. it has that 1920's hollywood in it.

and is she really naked in the video?

the person that ask why yulia doesn't have her own site, she rather lay on her bed with yoko parviz, in their big mansion, watching springer (if they play it over there), not having a care in the world (including those poor children she pushed out of her vagina).

on Friday, September 11th, Robbert said

I loved the video she did. its so funny. and i love how she only weighs 125lbs 4oz but yet people think she'd fat. that's skinny in my eyes. well lets hope she'll put some lyrics up soon =]

on Friday, September 11th, Kayla C. said

Lol, Did anyone else scream when they saw this for the first time? I am super excited for Lena's new album!

on Friday, September 11th, Juan Pablo said

Omg!!! i could get it!!! :D it's omg so wonderful XD gorgeous, lovely, is so lena!! :) I LOVE HER <3 <3 <3 <3

on Friday, September 11th, Sarah said

Hmm I can't see it either :(
Asking for password here as well, blah

on Friday, September 11th, cath said


on Friday, September 11th, Sam said

It wont let me go on ;\

on Friday, September 11th, PH said

erm it worked for me (asked en/rus) but never loaded the page and now it again askes for a password

on Friday, September 11th, mozhde said

why i couldnot see lenas website?

on Friday, September 11th, Shanice said

Oh wait...YAY!

on Friday, September 11th, Shanice said

yeah, that was totally worth waiting 24 hours for. :\

on Friday, September 11th, Dan Zam said

I love how her homepage wasn't actually launched when the time ran out. >.

on Friday, September 11th, cynthia said

wow !! will be counting the minutes !!!!! am hyper exited now !!!! Go Lenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

on Thursday, September 10th, Kayla C. said

OMG!!! I am seriously hyperventalating right now. Oh god Im so excited!! =))))) !!!!

on Thursday, September 10th, Sam said

Oh sweettt! :D so excited!:D

on Thursday, September 10th, lakkdevikko said

Yeah, Lena Katina website!

I can't wait!

on Thursday, September 10th, coco said

interesting layout pic ;)

on Thursday, September 10th, Robbert said

For anyone who is having site issues, put a www. infront of lena-katina.com. that's what i had to do this morning. anyways, this is great news and hopefully she'll put some samples of her songs on here. or atleast the lyrics =]

on Thursday, September 10th, Sarah said

I think Lena has done a lot more work already than Yulia, why else would her site be launched so early?
Her project was also the first we knew of, wasn't it?
I can't wait, I love Lena ^^

on Thursday, September 10th, Tiny said

This is great.

on Thursday, September 10th, TaTyTu said

I cannot enter the site !!
it sayes private zone.. enter username and pass wtf ? anybody facing this prob.?

on Thursday, September 10th, Brandon said

Wow, this is good news! :)

I like that silhouette image, lol.

on Thursday, September 10th, Francisco said

*doing little dance*

I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm counted the minutes, this is painful waiting.......AHHHH! lol XD

on Thursday, September 10th, cath said

FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (excuse my french) hahah i acnt freakin wait@!!!!! LIKE I SERIOUSLY CANT ITS KILLING ME


.....i think im starting to cross that line........

OH WELL I FREAKIN LOVE TATU MORE THAN LIFE AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on Wednesday, September 9th, Luna said

Wow, shes been doing a lot in a short period of time! I can't wait to see her new website, I bet it will be awesome!

on Wednesday, September 9th, TaTyTu said

im excited 2, but what about Volkova ? is she going 2 have 1 too?
is lena's website going 2 have forums ?

on Wednesday, September 9th, Aryle said

AHH!!I'm so excited I can't wait to see what she has come up with! The site already looks like it's going to be incredible and unique!

on Wednesday, September 9th, kelly said


on Wednesday, September 9th, Ryane said


on Wednesday, September 9th, Kasey said

Wow, I love the artwork :O Can't wait!

on Wednesday, September 9th, Juan Pablo said

Oh god, i can't wait to see Lena's website!! XD

on Wednesday, September 9th, liz said

(in the voice of mort from "penguins of madagascar") ooo....i like that!

on Wednesday, September 9th, Amanda said

Wow, this is GREAT news!!!