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09/13/2009: "Gallery Update: Pacha Model Awards (08.28.09)"

Source: Vklybe.ru, tatu.ru/forum

Yulia Volkova attended the Pacha Model Awards on August 28th, 2009 in Moscow, Russia.

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on Sunday, September 27th, G said

THANKS LIZ!! Couldn't have said it any better myself ;)
ps- MA.AW needs 2 go back 2 school

on Saturday, September 26th, liz said


please shut up!

on Friday, September 25th, MA-AW said

look i've read all ur comments and i just can't thinks how u call urselfs fans first u should be there for ur star and second who do u think u are GOD to judge people first she look gorgeous ok and (so stupied comment made by those who sad she's ugly and all that shit ..)because nobody can deny she is gorgeous and about addiction come'on adiction if she did once or twice?? everybody do it our days remember?and u see appearences are important i don't denie but the real deal lies in the insid and well she is one hell of a person insid and out so people who wants to comments u can say simply we do not like her and get right to the point because if something diffrent in her apperance and u go like oh never the same come'on ..for GOD sake b real .. and about lena not changing well go see for urslef she said i've changed so get off yulia's case ok?so if u call urselfs fans act like true ones

on Sunday, September 20th, TaTyTu said

plastic surgery, wtf ???
is it true that she doing plastic surgeryies??

I mean why the fuck she need plastic surgeryies ?? she used 2 be too fucking beutifull !!

OMG, no no no, why Julia why :(

i'm so sad. i hate my self :(

i'm afride this will be the biginning of an end of Julia's carrer....

on Friday, September 18th, JS said

Oh my god!!!
What happened to yulia ?
She was so beautiful...

on Thursday, September 17th, Future Yulia said


on Thursday, September 17th, G said

Fair enough Amanda, but SURELY you expected this sort of reaction. You must feel some disappointment also. Yulia has ALWAYS been gorgeous! I never saw any signs of insecurity- just the brash confidence that captivated me. I hope she looks at pics of Jocelyn Wildenstein and realises she has NO NEED for "enhancement". She needs to re-evaluate her new attitude also- as she is constantly contradicting herself and losing MANY fans from what I've observed . While I put this in black and white- I still consider Yulia VERY dear 2 my heart- and hope she will return one day. Lena is staying true to herself and her fans. Currently she is all the TATU I can feel. Their solo projects will flop. United they make history- Apart they will fade into the background. We need 1 last record to properly grieve and let go.

on Thursday, September 17th, Faiza said

I respect her, I know she has a good heart, but people make mistakes in life. I hope she does realize her mistake becuase even lena herself doesn't like yulia's new apearances. I do have hope though that yulia will give up this excessive make up and botox lips. I do not beleive she did plastic so there is still hope yulia realizes and goes back to normal. but nevertheless she has a big heart.

I remember this picture of yulia from the snegopady making video, where her eyebrows were covered by her hat, and from her profile she looked almost exactly like herself, excluding the slightly botox lips she had that time. so that's why I beleive this isn't permanent.

on Thursday, September 17th, Amanda said

Guys… as much as we may dislike the physical changes Yulia has made, she is still a human being, with emotions, thoughts, and opinions, and she deserves to be respected.

on Thursday, September 17th, lolo cute said

yulia !!!!!! why
no no no i can't beleve my eyes, is she yulia for real.. i'm saaaad i'm soo sad
what about your carrer??

on Thursday, September 17th, colettio said

she has her eyeliner tattooed on?!

on Thursday, September 17th, Sofia said

I really do not like her permanent eyeliner.

I don't really blame Parviz. I don't think there is anyone to blame but Yulia...

on Thursday, September 17th, Brandon said

I blame Parviz... >_>

on Wednesday, September 16th, Faiza said

U know I just think it's yulia's lips and excessive make up and fake eyebrows that changed her looks. I just hope yulia realizes what she had done, and will stop using botox, and grow her eyebrows back. I don't thin she did much plastic surgery. it's just make up and her lips. but I'm not sure about her cheeks... But hopefully all of this is temporary...

on Wednesday, September 16th, cynthia said

lol ME and nicely said Jo yulia changed a lot ... which is again Sad :(

on Tuesday, September 15th, G said

Yulia I literally was in AWE of you for YEARS!! U have pretty much destroyed my concept of who u r. U wer extremely unique, beautiful and talented. U used to make jibes at the very thing u hav become. U hav turned ur back on everything u stood 4, and I am sad 2 say I think we hav seen the last of tatu. I hope u wake up from this NIGHTMARE!! :'(

on Tuesday, September 15th, colettio said

by the gods, Yulia... is that really u? back in 06, i thought this band could do no wrong in my eyes, and now, the girls have gone solo and just dont look or feel the same.
i just wish both of them the best of luck. i also wish the original TEMA was still around

on Tuesday, September 15th, Luna said

Yulka looks lovely! ^_^ Glad to finally see a new picture of her.

on Tuesday, September 15th, Me said

Obviously both girls have been working hard. Lena has a new career and Yulia has a new face. I swear, one these days, Yulia is gonna show up with big fake tits to match the rest of her. Then her barbie transformation will be complete!

on Tuesday, September 15th, Francisco said

She needs to work more on her music career than her face. It makes me sad.

Lena has a site made for the summer.

Yuila only comes out with one picture...

on Tuesday, September 15th, Jo said

She was once a very beautiful person, inside and out.

Things have changed. I miss my old Volkova.

on Monday, September 14th, Sofia said

Wow. Her face is... really different. It's kinda puffy? She almost looks Asian o-o;;

A little class would do her good, I think. I think her top is cool, but that bra... not very professional.

I hate to say it, but Yulia hasn't been much for me to look up to anymore.

on Monday, September 14th, cynthia said

plastic surgery has become an addiction on her part ... :( too bad ... i like the old Yulia u know ... funny energetic ! I can't believe this where did Parviz come from ahh

on Monday, September 14th, Brandon said


What the hell has happened to our Yulia? I feel sick. TnT

on Sunday, September 13th, M said


on Sunday, September 13th, Ryane said

She doesn't look like Yulia anymore. Good or bad, it doesn't matter.

on Sunday, September 13th, liz said

about time she gets out of bed and did something other than watch tv and not having a care in the world.

she seriously needs to stop with the botox and plastic surgery. it's killing her, and making her very ugly.

parviz needs to go on a diet...wait, i take it back. i hope he eats himself to death and we don't have to see his ugly face again.

on Sunday, September 13th, Lola said

She looks Hot ;)

on Sunday, September 13th, Aryle said

Is it just me, or has more plastic surgery been done? She looks like she can't express emotion anymore :[

on Sunday, September 13th, daniel said

wow she looks very different. lovely :) x

on Sunday, September 13th, Hmm said

What's up with her outfit :/
she should have worn a black bra at least!

on Sunday, September 13th, John said

She has a nice tatoo.

on Sunday, September 13th, cath said

HEY!!! get off my volkova's case!!!!!! she is still and will always be gorgeous, we like her music REMEMBER??? if anyone insults her, you gonna have to answer to me......... volkova you will always have my love

on Sunday, September 13th, Sammie said

Oh my goodness! What happened to her face?!
Aw no, no, stop with the plastic surgery or injections dear Yulia!
You were more beautiful before all these procedures were done.

on Sunday, September 13th, bennybrit said

She loos like a (ugly) cat.

on Sunday, September 13th, coco said

By which I refer to Parviz who apparently has put up a few pounds.

on Sunday, September 13th, coco said

One word: sad.