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09/19/2009: "t.A.T.u.’s international album to be released"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

According to various sources, t.A.T.u.’s international album will be released on October or November in South America. Additionally, international versions of music videos “White Robe”, “Sparks” and “Snowfalls” will be released. More information is coming soon. Thanks to Ivan_de_Palma and Max (tatu.ru/forum). Note: This information is subject to change.

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on Saturday, October 3rd, tatyforever said

it's nice to hear about the new album coming soon, but not only fot South America. I live in Europe and I wanna get Happy Smiles international version too!!!!

on Friday, September 25th, daniel said

yes i wish they would come to england because all this is going on in russia and america... the rest of the world only knows about this by web... why wont they release anything in england? :[ i have had to buy russian happy smiles off of the net and all other tatu things i wish they would release in the uk :/

on Tuesday, September 22nd, G said

Robbert, i am aware of the "translation" process. Obviously the lyrics differ very significantly at times. In the past the english "versions" have been effective- however the latest batch have been underwhelming. To the point that I have kept only the Russian versions of their tracks, unless English is the only form available. They sound a lot more impressive in their native language. I am not an American

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Robbert said

G, Russian to english translations is hard to understand. russian's dont use acticles (a,an, the) and they dont have a set sentence structure. along with a bunch of vocabulary that we americans just summerize by finding the best word. i know, i've taken russian before and i have rosetta stone. so when they do an english album, it will be all new lyrics with nothing in relationship with the russian album =]

on Monday, September 21st, G said

We dont want an english cover.. we want a whole new record. The english tranlations/ covers from Happy Smiles, are not very jaw dropping. Keep it in Russian with the odd English track i.e Running Blind

on Monday, September 21st, benny said

So sad.I think it wont be release in Germany.=(

on Sunday, September 20th, Neposedy_Malchik said

What will be the official tracklist for that record?
Someone knows and can help me...!!! xoxo

on Sunday, September 20th, Sofia said

Wow, I really, really hope this is true. I totally wish for it to be.

on Sunday, September 20th, Aryle Butler said

Have they forgotten they have fans in North America?

on Sunday, September 20th, kellie said

I'm pretty sure they originally lip syncing the English version when they made the video, in behind the scenes. they had an English director after all...

on Sunday, September 20th, Robbert said

Amanda, i think this is the actual english video to White Robe. It may have leaked or someone is just really good at matching their syncing. lol. check it out it's really new


on Sunday, September 20th, enthusiastic south american tatu-fan said


on Sunday, September 20th, Whitney said

Well, if it doesn't get released in North America, I at least hope that they'll put it on iTunes and Amazon a little bit after it's release in South America. I've been dying to hear the english versions of these songs and has anyone heard if there's an english version of Ne Zhaley and Marsianskey Glaza??? I've heard about english versions of all of the songs except those 2

on Sunday, September 20th, Colettio said

i have that poster of the girls with their faces ripped off where it says WASTE MANAGEMENT is coming out soon in 2008 :D if only...
and i wish someone cud obtain You and I and upload it on the web cuz i dont believe its coming out any time soon. much appreciated!

on Sunday, September 20th, cynthia said

Cool ! can't wait :)

on Sunday, September 20th, TaTyTu said

So what ?
if it is released in south Africa... i don't have 2 go there 2 buy the album, i'm sure our tatu fans there will upload it 4 us :)

on Sunday, September 20th, Brandon said

Well at least it's coming out somewhere! XD I guess I'll either wait and see if it comes out in North America, or import it. >_>

on Sunday, September 20th, Fabian said

What and/or who is exatcly the "sources"? Cause I want his to be all true. D: Cause if it's not,I got excited for nothing AND someone is going to get shanked. -.-

on Saturday, September 19th, daniel said

im confused... sparks... ??? i thought 22 was just in russian? if it was in english wouldnt it had come out by now like white robe and snowfalls? what has happened to little people and time of the moon also? they were supposed to be in english? very cunfused about sparks lol

on Saturday, September 19th, Robbert said

no rEmIX220. the soundtrack will include other songs by different bands too. Happy Smiles will be t.A.T.u.'s actual album... The sound track I think has like 4 different songs that aren't t.A.T.u.'s

on Saturday, September 19th, rEmIX220 said

Usually with inside information, what they say, may easy get changed of course. Let us only hope it come to be soon, along with this "movie" as well))) I believe at one point it was stated Happy Smiles was going to be a soundtrack to the movie, no? Correct me if I am in the wrong.


on Saturday, September 19th, Kellie said

From the official website of Green Coquiero Records argues that the international album "Waste Management" of tATu will be released on October 10. It appears that Boris has confirmed that the album will be released in South America to bestow (chat tatu.ru) Nfne user. We still hope that tatu.ru confirm this information.
- tatu-comeback.net

on Saturday, September 19th, Faiza said

I'm sure it'll be released later on here in north america :D we always get things later or last or never anyways >.>...
I wonder what the videos would be like :D

on Saturday, September 19th, Jo said

South America? Well, crap, I live in North America. ;.;


on Saturday, September 19th, liz said

so we're not going to get the international version in north america? that sucks!

on Saturday, September 19th, Kevin said

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

on Saturday, September 19th, Kevin said

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

on Saturday, September 19th, Sam said

Wicket :D

on Saturday, September 19th, Amanda said

We have reason to believe that this is true, most of all, because Lena told us in Los Angeles that a release for South America was “in discussion”.