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09/22/2009: "Photo gallery on Lena-Katina.com"

Source: Lena-Katina.com

Lena Katina’s official website has added a photo gallery with photos from August, 2009.

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on Friday, October 2nd, Angelica said

It makes me jealous looking at her. She is so damn pretty!

on Friday, October 2nd, Genesis said

OMG! She looks beautiful :D

on Friday, September 25th, JH said

The photos are excellent. You can see they get along pretty well. I'm not at all surprised Lena got to be with the band. She used to do most of the work like Demos, travel to LA...
I just want to wish Lena and her mates really good luck.

on Friday, September 25th, Brandon said

That's true, Cynthia. Whenever they had to speak English, Lena was actually the one in the spotlight, because there wasn't really much choice. I'm sure Yulia would have wanted to be in the spotlight then, too, if her English was better. >_>

on Thursday, September 24th, cynthia said

maybe in russia yulia was the " main " girl ... but you're forgetting that she didn't even speak english , so it was lena speaking most of the time (in english interviews i mean) although we can't deny that yulia is always up-front like Brandon said ...its their personality but for me they're both naturally beautiful ...

on Thursday, September 24th, Brandon said

I kind of get what you're going for, Coco. Yulia was always put forward as the "main" girl, although I'm not sure if it was really her appearence so much as it was her personality. Yulia was always very in-your-face and up front, while Lena has always been quiet and laid back. Yulia has always enjoyed tha attention and spotlight more than Lena, which made her the "main" girl, I guess. >_>

on Wednesday, September 23rd, liz said

love the photos, especially the one with the dress. i want that dress. where can i get it?

on Wednesday, September 23rd, coco said

Brandon, I´ve always preferred Lena, she´s gorgeous and unique :) But Yulia always got more attention and admiration, I think due to both her outgoing personality and traditionally beautiful looks. Although Lena is pretty, out of the two Yulia was more "movie star"-pretty. I´m sure you all get what i mean.

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Suza said

I love the black and white ones, such a great feeling to them! :)

on Wednesday, September 23rd, cynthia said

I agree with Brandon , we can't say taht yulia was the prettier one ! every person has a favorite but what yulia is " SAD " (lol TnT)
As for Lena well surely got my heart , his dress is really cute <3 wish they could download some kind of demo to see what her music's gonna be like :)

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Brandon said

Lena looks flawless as always.

Coco, how could you say that Yulia was "the prettier one?" Both girls were flawless at one time. Sadly, Yulia is looking VERY flawed these days... TnT

Also, I agree with Kayla that those blue dress pics do look a little Spanish/Mexican inspired. :)

on Tuesday, September 22nd, TaTyTu said

I agree with coco.

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Rae said

Wow wow wow!! Looking even more beautiful, if that is possible.... ;-)

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Robbert said

they changed the numbers to 555 so it isnt working. i just tried it. and theres a new link on her site. its called management and you can send her emails and call her office. its kick ass. but its a russia call so be prepared to pay like 2.99 a minute. lol

on Tuesday, September 22nd, sam said

Oooh neato, pictures!
She's so pretty. As always.
The guys looks good too.

Anyone tried calling the number in the second to last pic? I'm kinda curious...

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Aryle said

Ahh Lena is so beautiful and talented. I can't wait for the music! :D

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Colettio said

wow. go Lena go! i just feel some pity for our dear Yulia...Lena has moved on away from her and even took the band! fingers crossed for Yulia.

on Tuesday, September 22nd, G said

Yeh Coco- it was a BAD thing 2 say! tATu are both naturally gorgeous girls. Lena is as "pretty" as she has always been. Yulia has just decided to play Mrs.-Potato-Head unfortunately..

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Faiza said

Sweetest lil thang ever!

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Sofia said

Wow, pretty! I am so excited for her. I know I am going to love her new music and style.

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Snakeyy said

wow is all i can say!

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Kayla C. said

oh my gosh I absolutly love the pictures! Does anyone else think the ones with the blue dress are a little mexican/spanish inspired?
I am SO excited for this album!!

on Tuesday, September 22nd, Amanda said

I think the first photoshoot is great, I can’t wait to see more!

on Tuesday, September 22nd, coco said

I guess Yulia is no longer "the prettier one" of the duo...Feels bad to put the girls in order based on their appearearance, but I just HAD to say that...Sorry.

on Tuesday, September 22nd, coco said

Love her dresses, especially the blue one. What a hot señorita!