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09/23/2009: "Video: “Ty Soglasna” music video"

Source: allmylove.org

The official music video for “Ty Soglasna” was released on October 1st, 2009 on allmylove.org. It is directed by Valerie Polienko (“Ne Ver, Ne Boisia, Ne Prosi”) and features an unreleased version of the song. You can download the video here and the song here. Thanks to Sergey (nfne).

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on Sunday, October 4th, cynthia said

awesome video ! great Job nfne :)

on Saturday, October 3rd, Suza said

I prefer the original version, although the music in some parts was really nice! And I like the footage of Lena in the car.

on Thursday, October 1st, Mimy Scolling said

OMG it's orgasmic <3

on Thursday, October 1st, mini-lena said

Yes !!!! C'est trop cool !!!!

on Thursday, October 1st, COCO said

LOL, the burning teddy bear was so angst! xD Polienko, you old emo.

I liked the beginninng plus end with the spinning distorted glass thingy.

on Thursday, October 1st, Brandon said

Very very interesting! I like how you can hear screwed up versions of 30 minutes at the beginning and end. :P

More footage of the girls would've been nice, though.

on Thursday, October 1st, TaTyTu said

lol, I really expect better than this. and I love Ty Soglasna audio track better,let me add it to my other collection P:

on Wednesday, September 30th, liz said

love it! love it! love it! very late 80's dance feel to it!

on Wednesday, September 30th, Courtney said

There were only like 2 clips of either girl in the entire video.... The rest was just buildings and scenery.... :( I kinda expected more, if only a tad more. :/ I guess the video was more about a new/unrelased demo than what the video concept was...

on Wednesday, September 30th, Kevin said

great video :) I would love if it has more t.A.T.u. - scenes like the one of Yulia with that hairstyle hehe, but I still like the video and I ♥ the demo, just bad they decided to remove the 3º couplet but I love it hehe, Ti Soglasnaaaaa, na, ti soglasna, na, na, Ti soglasna♪♫ xD

on Tuesday, September 29th, Brandon said

Yes, Sparks is the English 220. :)

on Monday, September 28th, Chris2 said

Woohooo !!! I can't wait !!! This really looks and sounds super AWESOME :D

I don't wanna sound a bit behind on the latest development but I read here Amanda is mentioning "Sparks" Is that an English version for "220" ???
If it is ... then ooooooh yeaaah !!!! :D

I'm a happy fan :D

and I LOVE the Russian cover for YOU AND I !!!!

on Saturday, September 26th, Aryle said

I know this is very random, I just didn't know here to post it. But is there a transcipt or some video with subtitles of the interview that tatu did called "Let them speak". i was back in '06 when they had that lawsuit. I know it's random, but i'm watching and REALLY want to know what they're saying!

on Friday, September 25th, Faiza said

lol random. it sounds to me it's like ne ver ne boisia or how soon is now. those videos were made by random unreleased clips. but still I considered them good :) ty saglosna is like the random clip video of the second album. this is great :) Can't expect much from the girls now since they do have their own lives and lena is busy with her new project. but I'm excited for the outcome :)

on Friday, September 25th, Colettio said

i dont think Sisi meant as much harm as she seemed to cause. i think we all feel such frustration especially since the "split" of the girls, where does that leave the fans? anyways, thank u Amanda and NFNE, i wouldnt love tatu as much if it wasnt for the remixes!

on Friday, September 25th, Ryan said

Trailer looks great! :)

on Friday, September 25th, cynthia said

well if u didn't like the video keep it to yourself , it is better than dwelling on forgotten t.A.T.u. shadows ... tatu.ru as G said is updated like every 3 months so its better than nothing ... besides think about how hard it was to find it for NFNE and Amanda ! it takes time and all you did was just post a 30 second comment ...
>__> ungrateful people

on Friday, September 25th, Brandon said

Sorry Sisi, but I have to say... Sisi is failure, TROLL, TROLLLLLL!

on Friday, September 25th, G said

I have 2 agree with Sisi, poor thing! Sisi is probably just as frustrated as the other fans- that tatu are now all but officially over. Tatu fans need new legit material. If Sisi was not a real fan- Sisi would not follow fan sites. Every hit counts so I wouldn't get too bent of shape about it. Thanks 2 Amanda and co as always tho! ur site is updated more than tatu.ru! Go figure ;)

on Friday, September 25th, Francisco said

looky, looky what I found!


I think its pretty intersting, its tatu recording ty soglasna with Ivan...enjoy =D

on Thursday, September 24th, TaTyTu said

yah sisi,

and if you not done with that i've got 3 words 4 yah


on Thursday, September 24th, liz said

sisi, if you don't like this site, i have three words for you:

go fuck yourself!

on Thursday, September 24th, Robbert said

if this is like the Screaming version of this song, then its already on youtube. its call Ty soglasna wrong remix of something like that. its probably that song. but it is bad quality. so maybe this will be 320kb/s quality. =] that'd be schweet

on Thursday, September 24th, Tiiina said

To everyone who complains:

stfu!!! if you dont have anything good to say then shut up!!! Be happy that we get something instead of just complaining!

peace bitches..

on Thursday, September 24th, Me said

Ty Soglasna is an awesome song. I think it's better than anything off the 3rd album and I loved the demos of it in Pod. So, I actually really wanna see this... and I freakin love how Yulia looks in that clip. That was a kickass hairstyle. Too bad about now tho. :(

on Thursday, September 24th, coco said

Yeah, it´s nice that they got this release. But personally I don´t see any big deal about clip shows. You release one single unseen 5 second clip from 2001 or whatever and people go crazy! Although in the end it´s usually just same as any other fan made video lol.

on Thursday, September 24th, Kevin Krayewski said

PD: With love for Sisi ♥

on Thursday, September 24th, Kevin Krayewski said

are you just stupid, or were you born without a brain?, you don't know how fucking hard it was for Amanda and nfne to get a fucking file, and you come here like an idiot to comment shit about what they release. do you think you could get a demo? a file? if this site didn't exist we wouldn't get anything so you have to THANK them, and not act like a fucking bitch like you are.

on Thursday, September 24th, rEmIX220 said


How about we just stop posting everything all together? The smart ass comments and people bitching there not getting what they want, are really starting to piss me off. The whole point of this video, is to show off for a REALLY well done demo of Ti Soglasna. I personally hope, Amanda and NFNE never post a thing again. Do you know how much material of t.A.T.u. has been released over the few years??!!!? WAY MORE than any other group would release! If you're going to have a pissy attitude about things not going your way, then I would advise not to waste our time with your selfish ass complaints.


on Thursday, September 24th, Amanda said

Sisi, I did not describe this video as “exclusive”. I described the song as an “unreleased version” which is 100% true. I do not appreciate your selfish and ungrateful behavior.

on Thursday, September 24th, sisi said

No one wants to watch clips we seen before, this is no exclusive.

on Thursday, September 24th, Sarah said

I see Amanda :)
Well I'm very curious, I guess a lot of other sites will envy you ;)

on Thursday, September 24th, cynthia said

wow ! scaryy ... gives me chills :) really great !

on Thursday, September 24th, Brandon said

Well this sure came out of nowhere! I'm looking forward to it. :)

on Thursday, September 24th, Francisco said

I'm excited! I really liked this song and I'm curious about the video and this version of the song! XD

on Wednesday, September 23rd, TaTyTu said

i'm confused also. I can't belive this ...
who would geuss that Ty Soglasna has an official unreleased music video.
i'm just wondering why woulden't they release it intil now.

on Wednesday, September 23rd, liz said

i think i'm going to like this version better than the offical one!

on Wednesday, September 23rd, colettio said

im a bit confused like some others. they did the video a long time ago and never released it? or is this a fan video with different clips of the band? i know u said it was directed by Polienko, but why wait this long to release it?

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Robbert said

ooh oohh. Amanda you should post this video. its amazing. some guy did a russian cover of You and I.

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Robbert said

This music video looks amazing. It has to be cause Ne Ver ne boysia was amazing. lol. i cant wait. October first i'll plan on being here. thanks Amanda =]

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Juan Pablo said

Oh wow wow!!! i really want to watch at this new t.A.T.u. video!!! ^^ i think it'll be super cool and gorgeous as all their videos always are ;) official or not official, doesn't, always beautiful videos ^^

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Sofia said

Was it just me or was that trailer a bit on the creepy side

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Sofia said

Well, okay. That's somethin' else to look forward to!

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Gary Smith said

: )

on Wednesday, September 23rd, coco said

Another clip show? O_o Well, guess it´s better than nothing. "Official" sounds bit misleading though.

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Amanda said

Sarah, it is an unreleased music video directed by Valerie Polienko, as “Clowns” was. We were given permission to release them on our website. It is not an official release by tatu.ru. Also, unfortunately, there are no plans for new music videos of t.A.T.u.’s English album; only international versions of “White Robe”, “Sparks” and “Snowfalls”.

on Wednesday, September 23rd, Sarah said

This confuses me. I mean..it's a song from their previous album.
What about the new songs?
Why is there a video for Ty Soglasna all of a sudden?