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10/01/2009: "Our 3 year anniversary!"

Source: allmylove.org

Today, October 1st, is the 3 year anniversary of allmylove.org. We thank you for supporting us, by visiting our website, commenting on our news entries, and/or posting on our tagboard. Also, we thank t.A.T.u.ís management for presenting us with many opportunities. But, our biggest thank you is for Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina. Please, post your congratulations in the comments below.

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on Sunday, October 4th, cynthia said

Happy Birthday !!! awesome site Amanda :)

on Saturday, October 3rd, Colettio said

i am very happy for u! :D thank u for an awesome site! where wud the tatu fans be without u?!

on Saturday, October 3rd, Faiza said

Congrats to Allmylove!!! if it wasn't for this site, we wouldn't be updated with the most important information bout tatu! :D thamks for the site!

on Friday, October 2nd, Fabian said

Congratulations on making the world's best-est t.A.T.u. fan based website ever! :D Keep up the great work till 2099. XD

on Friday, October 2nd, Brandon said

Congratulations, Amanda! In three years, you've made the best t.A.T.u. site on the Internet! :)

Amanda, you, and everyone else who has helped with the site has done a great job, and I'm sure you'll keep doing a great job. :)

on Thursday, October 1st, G said

Congratulations!! I have MUCH appreciation for this site & it's contributors. You've all provided consistent fresh info, and some amazing files! I really truly hope that the girls realize that they make history TOGETHER, and give us another genuine tatu record (thus many more years of allmylove.org) :) All the best!

on Thursday, October 1st, Ryane said

CONGRATULATIONS! The best t.A.T.u. fan site ever! Sometimes even better than the real tatu.ru :P

on Thursday, October 1st, Juan Pablo said

My congratulations to this whole super great, excellent website who gives all fans the last news about what happens with t.A.T.u.! ;)
thank you so much! Happy birthday All My Love!!!! <3

on Thursday, October 1st, Patrick said

Hey Congrats i wish you a lot of more years
you make a good work amanda :-)

on Thursday, October 1st, dominic said

OMG! that's fast man!


on Thursday, October 1st, Sofia said

Wow! Happy anniversary! Thank you all for the awesome news posts and pictures. There is no way I could keep up with t.a.t.u. if it weren't for this website. Thank you for keeping us current!

I hope this webbie is around for many years more :3

on Thursday, October 1st, liz said

happy birthday to you,
you live in a zoo,,
you look like a monkey,
and you smell like one too...ha ha just kidding!

happy birthday AML!

on Thursday, October 1st, Lauren said

Obviously, Amanda wins at life for keeping up a site for so long because she usually forgets them about two minutes after she makes them. And because it is an awesome site.


on Thursday, October 1st, Sean Reddie said

OMG. <3
3 years of epicness.
Well done guys, well deserved, and thanks to t.A.T.u., Amanda and everyone on the AML team for bringing such an epicfull site of epicfullness. <3

on Thursday, October 1st, Kayla C. said

Happy Birthday AML!! I appriciate all the things you guys have done for the fans (exclusive videos and pictures etc.). This site is one of a kind. I love aml!

on Thursday, October 1st, Kevin Krayewski said

happy anniversary guys! u alays bring us great stuff and if AML didn't ever exist maybe we wouldn't get a lot of demos, rare videos, and great photos u put, it's a great site and I hope it never get closed hehe, ♥ u guys.
Kevin. :)

on Thursday, October 1st, Ponkyto said

Congratuilations AML Team: http://tatu.com.mx/tusnoticias/show_news.php?subaction=showcomments&template=otras&id=1254420402&archive=&start_from=&ucat=6

on Thursday, October 1st, Veronica said

I honestly can't thank you enough for this amazing site, I check it every single day!
I love going on here and being updated and downloading all the awesome tatu vids & pics (;

congratulations for being the BEST tatu site ever!!!

Much love for you and t.A.T.u!!

on Thursday, October 1st, Miguel said

Long live allmylove.org!!!!

on Thursday, October 1st, Jo said

Thanks for always being there to keep up updated, giving us all this exclusive and HQ stuff. I dunno where I'd get my updates without this site!



on Thursday, October 1st, easya said

Happy birthday,allmylove.org!

on Thursday, October 1st, Lena'sFan said

congratulations All My Love team...billion thanks for HQ pics and video collection and many other stuff!! best wishes!

on Thursday, October 1st, Suza said

Congratulations and THANK YOU for a super, mega great site <3 :)

on Thursday, October 1st, Emma said

Congratulations All My Love! Keep it up for the next 3 years and more! ;-)

Love, Emma

on Thursday, October 1st, TaTyTu said

I'm so happy 4 u Amanda.
Happy 3 year anniversary.
all my love,

on Thursday, October 1st, Valentina Music 92 said

Happy Birthday AML! <3
Time goes by so fast!
You,Amanda and your friend at AML grew up and obviously your site too. ;.)
Always stay the same,best wishes and congrats again!

on Thursday, October 1st, Vicente said

Congrats Amanda!

on Thursday, October 1st, Ericka said

<33333great!!! I'm so happy! I LOVE this site, and t.A.T.u!

With love and friendship,


on Thursday, October 1st, Tiiina said

Congratulations! happy 3rd birthday to AML! :D its really an amazing site :) many big thanks to Amanda, nfne and anyone who might be a part of this site :) keep up the great work :D xoxo ;)

on Thursday, October 1st, Giulia said

Congratulations for the anniversary!!! :)
This site is great and always offered rare photos and more and more! :)

on Thursday, October 1st, Marte said

Congratulations! I love this page, I visit it every day.

on Thursday, October 1st, Only-t.A.T.u. [Agustina] said

Congratulation!!!!! Happy birthday!!!! :D:D:D Good Luck!!! :)
In this moment I don't have the time to write more, but today more late I write something more!!!
Kisses from Argentina.

on Thursday, October 1st, rEmIX220 said



on Thursday, October 1st, COCO said

Yay, congrats! this is a really fun site for a fan :)

on Thursday, October 1st, azulan said

BIG congratulations to AML!
It's an AMAZING site.
And thanks a million Amanda, nfne and anyone else who might be part of team AML for HQ pics, exclusive demos and stuff!
It's totally awesome!
Keep up the good work!

on Thursday, October 1st, Ryan said

YAY! Happy 3 year site anniversary Amanda! :B