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10/01/2009: "t.A.T.u. on the radio"

Source: Tatu.ru

Yesterday Yulia and Lena were the guests of Alla Pugacheva at "Radio Alla". Airtime will be announced soon. Cherrytree Radio is planning to dedicate one of its "Vinyl Vault" show' issues to t.A.T.u. Please, leave your favorite songs' requests in the comments.

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on Sunday, October 4th, Vika said

This is honestly the hardest question! I love EVERY single t.A.T.u and i know even the Russian versions by memory!

I'm surprised no one has said Обезьянка ноль (Obezyanka Nol) or Perfect Enemy.

But there are SO many amazing songs! Its difficult.

Chto Ne Hvatayet
30 minutes
Ya Tvoy Vrag
Pokazhi mne Lyuov
Marsiaskie Glaza

on Sunday, October 4th, cynthia said

Beliy Plaschik , Nas Ne Dagoniat and Ne Ver Ne Boysia !

on Sunday, October 4th, Jana said

Fly on the wall! :)*

on Saturday, October 3rd, Colettio said

Robot and Malchik Gei!

on Saturday, October 3rd, Sam said

Malchik Gay, Cosmos and All About Us :)

on Friday, October 2nd, omega said

very exciting news! I would love to hear, really all of their sound but to list some of my fac:
show me love
english virsion of prostye dvizheniya
lyudi invalidi
love me not
after school special
all about us (hixxy remix)
you and I
fly on the wall
but hearing anything would be super awesome!

on Friday, October 2nd, Kevin Krayewski said

Ya Tvoi Vrag, Doschitai Do Sta, Prostye Dvizheniya, Vsya Moya Lyubov, Chto Ne Hvataet, Ya Soshla S Uma, Nas Ne Dogonyat, Polchasa, 220, Running Blind

on Friday, October 2nd, sarah said

i like all their songs!anyway i know that all can't be played so "skazhi zachyem"and "malchick gay".although any t.A.T.u song is fine and beautiful to hear!

on Friday, October 2nd, Luma said

Vsya Moya Lyubov and Malchik Gay!!

on Friday, October 2nd, Ryan said

How Soon is Now and Malchik Gay definitely are two great vinyls they must play imo. Hope they don't play the songs we've already played to death :P

on Thursday, October 1st, Yuriko said

It would be great if they played How Soon Is Now? and Stars

on Thursday, October 1st, Francisco said

This is great!

I know we don't put the request here but will someone please request "Ne Ver Ne Boisia!!" =D

on Thursday, October 1st, TaTyTu said

I would pick Marsianskiye Glaza... good song :P

on Thursday, October 1st, G said

Oh, & i am V pleased to hear the girls were together! ..maybe there is hope* Beliy Plaschik also**

on Thursday, October 1st, G said

If we're going for original tracks- I'd have to say Klouny ;)

on Thursday, October 1st, Juan Pablo said

wow it's so nice to have news from the girls togheter, i mean t.a.T.u., not Yulia or Lena sparated ;)
Well as for me, i'd love to listen to Show me love, Sacrifice, All about us, Fly on the wall and Ya Budu on the radio, because as all we know, they're super cool, beautiful songs from the girls ;) as all of their songs are!

on Thursday, October 1st, liz said

(as an audience memeber of the crappiest tv show in the world, TRL) hi! my name is liz and i'm from nj. i want to request t.A.T.u's "Vsya Moya Lyubov" because it's a sweet song and I love the girls! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!

(present day) I hated TRL!

on Thursday, October 1st, Fabian said

Fly On The Wall! :D

on Thursday, October 1st, daniel temple said

220 :]

on Thursday, October 1st, Robbertt said

well i cant get it to let me put in the song and my name. so if someone could please put "My name is Robbert and i wanna hear Little People because its awesome and amazing and very inspirational." thank you. lol. i know they probably wont play it but if they do ill be listening