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10/03/2009: "News and photo update on Lena-Katina.com"

Source: Lena-Katina.com

She’s happy and sad, with long hair or not so long, funny and serious, wearing party dress or a pair of sneakers, making a Russian salad for granny or making a full arena scream with her performance, in love or sometimes lonely, counting bunnies or looking for “belochka’s”…
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on Tuesday, October 6th, Sam said

I love 30, shes so gorgeouss <3

on Tuesday, October 6th, Colettio said

28 & 30 are amazing pictures! im so stunned by her

on Monday, October 5th, TaTyTu said

pic number 21 has just made my day. I can't stop starring at her.

btw, who is that girl with Lena in pic 27??

I have seen her hanging alot with lena but I don't know who she is.

on Sunday, October 4th, cynthia said

Great pictures ! she looks so cute <3

on Sunday, October 4th, Sarah said

Awwhhh those are so cute :)
And she's even holding a diddl plushie!
*squeeee* I love Lena

on Sunday, October 4th, coco said

woah, flashback to the 90´s :D Love it.

on Sunday, October 4th, Jana said

Happy Birthday Lena! And renember-You are the most beautiful!

on Sunday, October 4th, Sam said

Number 30 is amazing. She's so beautiful in that pic. I'm instantly drawn to her eyes in all of the pictures.
She's so gorgeous. I can't say this enough, she's absolutely stunning.

on Saturday, October 3rd, Amanda said

Robbert, here you go:


(right click, ‘open in new window’)

on Saturday, October 3rd, Robbert said

okay so it says there are 32 pictures. but i can only see the first 25. anyone know how to get it to show me the rest of them? i know they include some of the t.A.T.u. band too and i wanna see them! lol

on Saturday, October 3rd, liz said

happy b-day lena!

on Saturday, October 3rd, Jo said

Ah! She's just so cute!

Happy Birthday, Lena! We love you to pieces and I have a lot of respect for you. Never lose yourself, keep being who you are. Ily!


on Saturday, October 3rd, Sofia said

Adorable pictures! She has always been so pretty c:

on Saturday, October 3rd, Juan Pablo said

omg the photos are just super gorgeous!!! ^^ i LOVE them <3 Lena so little, cute.. just very beautiful, fresh and lovely as always :)
Happy birthday dear Lena!!!!