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10/06/2009: "Gallery Update: Lena’s 25th birthday"

Source: Tatu.ru/forum

Thanks to Fanta, Bravo, Anka_PylemeT4ica, romzess, Yanka and katyuha89 (tatu.ru/forum).

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on Sunday, October 11th, G said

..spoke 2 soon :P

on Saturday, October 10th, cynthia said

great pictures :):):)

on Thursday, October 8th, G said

Awwww- gorgeous gorgeous girl :) ..pity to see Volkova was absent.. not surprising tho..

on Wednesday, October 7th, Kayla C. said

aww Lena looks so pretty! ♥

on Wednesday, October 7th, TaTyTu said

Oh my lord. Have mercy on my soul...

on Wednesday, October 7th, Brandon said

Robbert, Amanda would probably appreciate it if you wrote these things on the tagboard. :)

And Lena is proving my happy birthday message right. She really is growing more and more beautiful. <3

on Tuesday, October 6th, Robbert said

sorry Amanda, i dont know where to post stuff at that i cant find. but has there been any news on Happy Smiles (Int.) yet? its 4 days now, well 5 depending on where you are, on when its suppose to be out and there hasnt been any news about it. so please write back. you usually do. lol. peace =]

on Tuesday, October 6th, Eralp said

I have never seen her with such a beatifull. She's an angel.

on Tuesday, October 6th, Ryane said

She is such a beautiful lady! I'm mad for Miss Lena <3